More To This Life

It is amazing how we can go through our lives, that mainly consist of repetitious acts of work, eating, sleep, and relaxation with our spouse … With the occasional addition of a ”moment” from God that breaks through all the mundane monotony and reminds us what this life is all about. In the words of classic Steven Curtis Chapman (1989),

But there’s more to this life,
Than livin’ and dyin’, More than just tryin’
To make it through the day.
More to this life,
More than these eyes alone can see,
And there’s more than this Life alone can be

Those were the words that I heard speak softly to me, when I held the new life of my close friend’s baby girl in my arms for the first time earlier this evening After struggling to make it through my work day as an Operating Room registered nurse, filled with heartache and pain, my life became grounded again by the little moment that God gave me, reminding me of the amazing blessings that God has in store for those who He desires to bless with little children. To see the astounding love in the eyes of my close friend and her beloved husband, who created this new life together with the breath of God, was enough to allow me to forget the troubles and concerns of my day and become focused again on God’s goodness. This little moment of grace also allowed me to be reminded of the growing new life inside of me, that in less than 7 months, will miraculously be a precious blessing to my husband and me. Although only slightly bigger than an inch at the time, the little person inside of me will one day soon be ready to make his or her entrance into this world, with God’s help.

I guess the realization of being pregnant becomes very real when you get the opportunity to hold a new baby, and just ponder in the wonderment that this scenario is going to one day become your very own. I am so glad that God gave me the blessing of this moment today with my friend’s new baby and all the reassuring thoughts that came along with it. I think it was just what I needed to encourage and remind me that there’s, ”More to this life, More than these eyes alone can see, And there’s more than this Life alone can be.”


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