You CAN Make a Difference

Just the other night, I was watching one of the greatest evangelists of our time talking about his intense desire to win souls for Christ, and how it inspired him to lead millions into the Kingdom of God. As I listened to this man’s testimony, I began feeling woefully inadequate and discouraged, and I heard myself say, “I have a passion to lead people to Christ, too, but I’m certainly no great evangelist. What can I do?” Suddenly, I heard the Lord’s “still, small voice” say to my heart, “You can pray.” Then the Holy Spirit reminded me that only the day before, a loved one that I had been earnestly praying for, had expressed their desire to have a personal relationship with Christ.

This wasn’t a first-time experience for me. Over the years, I have discovered again and again how God honors the prayers of those who honor His Son. Scripture says: “The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].” (James 5:16 AMP) Those of us who answer God’s call to prayer, and refuse to give up until the answer comes, will witness changed hearts and changed lives. And when we get to heaven, there will be people who run up to us and say, ‘I am here because of you.”

Don’t give up on your spouse, your children, your grandchildren. Don’t give up on that coworker, that neighbor, or that friend. I can tell you from experience that if you stand in faith for those that the Lord puts in your path and on your heart, the day will come when you will see them serving Christ. You CAN make a difference for God, and you don’t have to be a worldwide evangelist to do it. Just make yourself available to the Lord, and be sensitive and obedient to His call to prayer!

2 thoughts on “You CAN Make a Difference

  1. Wow – outstanding post JM! My lenten devotional is all about praying 40 days for the lost. It is a booklet by Terry Teykl and goes through a small scripture, naming your “10 most wanted” list, presenting the name to God, Faith prayer, praying for the ten, a small faith story, and then finally an area to write down reflections. It is so true that we can make a difference in the life of others through prayer. I needed to read this today, I was starting to wonder if anyone of my ten will make it.
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Tom, I’d say this is confirmation from the Lord that you are in His will by praying for those people that He puts on your heart–and that He has every intention of honoring and rewarding your efforts!


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