Pregnancy and the Electric Slide

Yesterday, my husband John and I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of a close friend of ours in Philadelphia.  There were very few people who we actually knew at the festivities, but thankfully, we were reunited with two good friends who we had lost touch with over the years.  Both individuals were extremely glad to see us there, because they, too, were feeling doubtful that anyone who they knew would be in attendance at the reception.  It worked out beautifully that we could all sit together at a reception table, since there was open seating.  Since we had not spoken to these two ladies in quite some time, we obviously had some exciting news to share about our little Jesus freak on-the-way. 

John and I are finally feeling more comfortable about talking with our friends about our newest addition to the DiBiase family, now that I am at least three months into the pregnancy and we have had reassuring ultrasounds showing our little person growing nicely in the little shelter of my tummy.  So, it only seemed natural to me to mention our new site as an intro to discussing the subject of our pregnancy.  It became a very comfortable way to introduce the idea of us expecting a baby some time in October, because for whatever reason, some times I think it is difficult to come right out and say it.  Although the congratulations and excitement of our friends almost always follows, there are some occasions when people don’t respond in such a positive way to what may seem to be ecstatic news.  Trying to be sensitive to why some people may respond in this way, is I think the very reason that it can sometimes be awkward to bring up in conversation.   

However, John was the first one to bring it to my attention yesterday, that he couldn’t help but notice several pregnant young women at the wedding reception who were farther along in their baby’s gestation than me.  It was also around this time of the night, when the general dancing for the wedding reception guests opened up with the crowd pleaser of the “Electric Slide.”  I didn’t realize then that this would become a comical topic for a blog, but one of my observations during the song really made an impression on me that I felt would be worth sharing.  Out of the corner of my eye, I couldn’t help but notice one friend of the bride’s attempting to join the fun on the dance floor to the all-too familiar “Electric Slide.”  What really held my attention, however, was the fact that this young woman looked to be rather far along in her pregnancy, probably at the later end of her second trimester.  I think this was when I became in awe of the beautiful design that God must have in mind for woman who become with-child.  It is a completely natural transition that temporarily borrows the body of a willing and able young woman, to allow her body to be the dwelling place of a new little person until he or she is ready to enter the world.  Although the woman’s body does take on rather odd shapes to accommodate this temporary inhabitant, it is all made possible by the amazing design that God has created for His children.  So, the biggest impression that this moment made on me, was that the role of being a pregnant mother should not in any way be made to feel like punishment or like some kind of disqualification from a normal life. 

Although I might have felt a bit hesitant to get out and go crazy on the dance floor last night, I was so pleased that one pregnant mother was determined to have a good time despite her changing body and somewhat awkward appearance compared to everyone else who was out cutting a rug to the “Electric Slide.”  It was very encouraging for me to see that even pregnant women can have fun at wedding receptions, and that it would probably be helpful for me to loosen up a little bit in the future the next time I might have the opportunity to have some fun dancing.  Unfortunately, as I continue to struggle with morning sickness on literally a daily basis, I was trying sincerely hard to keep my lovely dinner down at the time that the “Electric Slide” began to play.  I was very thankful, though, that God provided an outlet for me to observe the joys of another pregnant mother who was obviously well beyond the difficulties of morning sickness, which for me happens at all different times of the day … not just the morning.  Hopefully soon, I will be able to feel better as my little Jesus freak continues to grow, and the next time the “Electric Slide” is played in my ear shot, you can better believe I will be attempting my best version of the line dance that I have come to love over the years!


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy and the Electric Slide

  1. Amy, I’m expecting a baby (my first, husband’s second) in mid-October, and can very much relate to what you’re saying. I’ve struggled with not-necessarily-morning sickness, and with worries about how things are progressing, and basically trying to not completely retreat from things I enjoy out of worry about the baby.

    Thanks for sharing about the Electric Slide! I think I’ll at the very least get a good laugh and some perspective the next time I want to sit on the sidelines and not fully enjoy this gift God is giving us.


  2. Hey there, Kelly!!! ;o) It would seem as if I completely forgot to respond to your adorable comment … from several months ago … and I am indeed sorry about my lapse of keeping up with this new activity of blogging that my husband, John has convinced me to do. So, just wanted to get back to you, even though this is extremely late – but let you know that I am thinking about you as you come to the quickly-approaching delivery of your little bundle of joy. I hope more than anything that things go well with you and your baby … and that it is a great experience. Peace and love, Ames


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