Sanctus Real Gives Advice On Parenting

  • John DiBiase: Any advice for new fathers?
  • Pete Provost: You gotta tell me! I can’t answer that one yet.

    Dan Gartley: Me neither.

    Matt Hammitt: Hold on! Two words. Nah, I’m just kidding. Goodness gracious! It’s so weird how self-taught parenthood is. It’s so crazy. Even with our first and second, it’s so different. Each kid is SO different. Everything about the way they need to be loved, it’s such a distinctive thing, y’know? I need to think of some good advice for new parents, don’t I? When somebody asks that question, I need to have a good, wise answer ready! *laughs*

    Chris: I got one! Do you have a good amount of guy friends that you can invite to a diaper party?

  • John: *laughs* What? Like, instead of a shower?
  • Chris: Yup! Do it.

    Matt: Do you do diaper parties?

  • John: I have never heard of them!
  • Pete: I’ve only ever been to one.

    Chris: Do a diaper party and invite all your guys friends to get wings or something like that. Pay for the wings, and ask everybody to bring a box or bag of diapers. And you’ll be set for like a year! Cuz diapers are expensive! We literally just got through all the diapers from our diaper party and our son is seventeen months old.

    Matt: Have your wife call all your guy friends, set up a night, and, like you said…

    Chris: It’s fun, y’know? A good excuse to get together.

  • John: It’s like a MAN shower.
  • Chris: Everybody’s carrying diapers in, feels really awkward at first…

    Dan: But that’s part of the fun, y’know, making all your guy friends go to the store for diapers.

    Chris: Yeah, it’s pretty amazing!

    Pete: That’s like the very, very first thing I ever did the first time I ever went to Toledo, Ohio. I went straight to Buffalo Wild Wings, to Matt’s diaper party. It was the first thing we did.

  • John: Mark! Do you have any advice for new parents?
  • Mark Graalman: Go to Ikea and get the Diaper Genie rip-off thing that they sell because it’s way better than the name brand Diaper Genie device.

    Pete: What is the Diaper Genie?

    Mark: The Diaper Genie is a container that holds the dirty diapers. You put the diaper in the top, and with the Diaper Genie, you twist this thing and it has this special garbage bag that goes inside and it twists the garbage bag, but it cuts the garbage bag and it does not work well at all. It’s a real pain in the butt. Ikea makes one that you put your own garbage bag in, drop the diaper in the top, flip it, and it drops it down inside. It’s simple, a piece of cake, easy to change.

    Matt: If I were you, I’d get some good sleep at night, your wife is going to want to instinctively get up and check on the baby all the time, so I’d try your best to let your wife get up a little bit during the night, get good sleep, and then get up early with the baby and let her sleep in. That’s my advice to you!

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