Just In Time To Delight Kids This Christmas . . . A Bible Study?

Fast-Selling WHAT’S IN THE BIBLE? Tackles
Big Questions, Wins Young Viewers


SOURCE: Lovell-Fairchild Communications
CHICAGO IL Nov. 15, 2010 – Quick! What’s the fastest-selling new children’s brand in the Christian Booksellers Association? Chances are you did not guess “an in-depth look at biblical history.” But WHAT’S IN THE BIBLE? is just that and much more.

From the mind, heart, and funny bone of Phil Vischer, creator of the 60-million-selling DVD VeggieTales, comes WHAT’S IN THE BIBLE? the perfect stocking stuffer for parents or grandparents to give this Christmas. Funny, engaging, entertaining, educational, WHAT’S IN THE BIBLE? introduces young viewers to a host of comic characters who employ humor, song . . . even stick puppets to clearly and accurately communicate the truths of the Bible.

WHAT’S IN THE BIBLE? shows how all the books in the Bible tell a single story,” Vischer said. “It answers questions we’re never too young or old to ask. ‘Who wrote this book?’ ‘Can we trust it?’ And most important, ‘What difference does it make?’”

Tackling Serious Issues With Humor . . . and Truth

Churches today are in a crisis, Vischer says, with 65 percent of young people dropping out of local church as soon as they graduate high school. The stakes are high and more than ever inquisitive young minds need the tools to know the Bible . . . and to know God.

“The Bible is the most-widely owned/least-widely read book in history,” Vischer said. “It sits on more shelves gathering more dust than any book in the world. And yet it holds the keys to understanding our lives.”

Phil and his WHAT’S IN THE BIBLE? team already have the first four of an eventual 13-part series available in stores and online. Kids stay entertained long enough to learn about the people and stories in the Bible from Genesis to Ruth; from a whole new cast of zany characters, they absorb Scripture’s overarching lesson of redemption. Buck Denver—Man of News!”—emcees the intrepid explorers Clive and Ian, the Sunday School Lady, and even a pirate . . . singing (what else?) . . . in a hot-air balloon.

Day After Thanksgiving Sale

Now Tyndale Publishing House announces a special Day After Thanksgiving sale of $5 for WHAT’S IN THE BIBLE? DVD No. 1 – “In the Beginning.”

“Our core fans enjoy this series as a family,” Tyndale Senior Marketing Manager Cheryl Kerwin said. “Not only are the kids laughing and learning—the parents love it.  It’s like the old Bugs Bunny cartoons: Phil’s humor delights adults and kids, and vice versa.”

Infectious songs, laugh-out-loud humor, puppets, animation, and more make WHAT’S IN THE BIBLE? a fast-paced romp that never cuts corners on deep truths for young minds. “This is the most important project I think I can be involved in right now,” Visher said. “I can’t wait for people to see it.”

To learn more, visit: WHAT’S IN THE BIBLE? WhatsInTheBible.com
Tyndale House Publishers  Tyndale.com


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