Top 10 Worst Baby Bathtime Moments

So, it has occurred to me recently, that the most practical place to blog from is my cell phone. In this day & age with Smart phones and all, I feel like I should take advantage of this amazing piece of technology right in the palm of my hand. Not to mention, my husband John did suggest that it would probably work great for me. ;o)

Now that my little boy, Will is 3 months old, & we have had quite a few baths together at this point… I feel like I would like to welcome 2011 with my Top 10 Worst Bath Moments. They will be ranked so that number 1 is the worst bath moment of 2010.

10. As soon as his little body touched the water, he started screaming and he didn’t stop for the entire duration of the bath?!
9. Projectile pee that sprayed everywhere – dousing the bath wall, myself, and several clean towels
8. Realizing I forgot to bring any bibs in the bathroom for after the bath, and my little guy is quite the spitter, so he spit up all over his clean towels.
7. Trying to take a picture of his adorable face and having a near miss with dropping our brand new digital camera in the bath water! (thank goodness for the safety wrist strap!)
6. Having him spit up into the bath water
5. Having him poop into the bath water?!
4. Brushing his hair after a bath and discovering he has a bit of “cradle cap” – flakes of dry skin that went everywhere
3. Trying to change his diaper while he was sprawled out on my lap, smiling & kicking his legs like a maniac – not to mention I had no wipes?!
2. Having him spit up so badly all over my bathroom floor and all over myself AND himself – that I literally put him back in his bathtub for another bath!

And the absolute worst bath moment of 2010 is…
1. When Will reminded me how crucial it is to put a diaper on him immediately after his bath, by pooping through FOUR layers of clean towels while lounging in his Bouncer seat! Luckily all I could do was laugh! ;o)

I do realize that there will be many more opportunities for far worse bath moments as Will continues to get older & more creative (Please share yours on this blog!), so allow this list to stand as my newborn version.

And for all those of you who brave the world of parenting… Happy bathing to one and all!

Will’s very first bath – October 30, 2010

…and many bath times later! – January 19, 2011


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