The Results of Waiting on God's Promises

One of the greatest encouragements we could ever give someone else, is to let them see the results of our standing on God’s promises in times of uncertainty and difficulty. When we are facing adversity, and we refuse to panic or act hastily apart from God, people take notice, because it’s not a natural or common reaction these days.

Scripture says: “Those who reverently and worshipfully fear You will see me and be glad, because I have hoped in Your word and tarried for it.” (Psalm 119:74 AMP) Here, the psalmist declares that He has committed himself to waiting on God to fulfill His promises to him, and that he expects the Lord to make good on His Word. He acknowledges that this strategy will not only profit himself, but that it will prove to others that believing God, and waiting on His promises, is the right way to live.

In the eyes of the Lord, your problems have a high purpose, and God can use them to bring about great good on your behalf, and on behalf of others, if you let Him. Ask the Lord today, “How can I cooperate with You to show others that believing and waiting on Your Word is the best way to live?”

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