We Have a Crawler!

Now that our little guy is over nine and a half months old, it seems some of my initial shock is wearing off. Sure, it’s still a big life change to be lugging around a mini-human (and diaper bags), dealing with fussy fits (although, thankfully, those have lessened), and not really getting much alone time with the little misses, but I’m finally able to find more enjoyment in the munchkin with each passing day.

Granted, nothing makes him smile quite like VeggieTales on the tube or seeing his mommy’s big bright eyes, but it does warm the heart to receive an ear-to-ear grin from the fellow just when I enter the room.

As he’s gotten more mobile on his own, we’re seeing just how challenging it can be to have the little crawler on the loose. We really have to keep and eye on him! Honestly, it isn’t quite as bad as I thought it could be, but we still find ourselves sounding ridiculous as we try to convince him to not touch things like shiny, colorful DVD case bindings and or wires coming from laptops and lamps.

*Will makes a b-line for the lamp cord and clasps his fingers around it*
“Nooooooo. Will! Noooooooooooo”
*He turns his head, still holding the cord, and looks at me*
*I shake my head and wave a finger back and forth* “No, Will. Let go of the cord.”
In some instances, he lets go. Other times, I need to pull his hand away.
“Good boy, Will!” and he goes about his crawly business elsewhere.

But that cord is so alluring… it twists, it turns, it’s got a ribbed texture. It’s black. None of my other toys are black, he must think.

Will turns around and crawls toward the cord. He turns and looks at me with this expressionless glance… and then reaches for the cord.

“Nooooooooooooooo. Nooooooo, Will.”

He turns back around and crawls away. How extraordinary if we actually have a listener on our hands! I suppose it’s too early to tell. But it’s neat nonetheless to see him start to respond well to our leadings!


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