From FamilyLife's Dennis Rainey: Five Keys to Tackle Today's 'Manhood Problem'



FamilyLife’s President, Co-founder Gets to the Heart of Godly Manhood

SOURCE: Lovell/Fairchild Comm.


  • Recent popularity of films such as COURAGEOUS and facts on the effects of absent fathers point to the need for godly men in America today.
  • The problem has long motivated FamilyLife’s Dennis Rainey to urge men to act, and his experience enables him to give a much-needed “how-to.”

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Nov. 3, 2011 – The need for godly men—in the home, in society, as fathers, as husbands—is clear from the strong reaction to hit films like COURAGEOUS, a church-produced movie that spent four weeks in the box-office top 10 following its late-September premiere. Grim statistics on children in fatherless homes support the fact as well.

“Men are in a battlefield today,” said FamilyLife co-founder Dennis Rainey, who has spent decades speaking and writing about the need for courageous, godly men. “Literal bullets may not be flying, but the need to bravely step up is quite real. Regardless of your age or stage in life, you are uniquely suited for a task God has in mind. There’s no question of that; only a question of, ‘Will you be ready and will you step up?’”

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Consider the following facts in assessing the need for men of all ages to learn how to step up to their responsibilities:

  • Homes where the biological father is absent account for about a third of U.S. households.
  • Children from father-absent homes:

– Have a higher chance of living in poverty
– Are likely to be less healthy than their peers
– Are more likely to commit crimes or take drugso Are more likely to face teen-pregnancy issues


“Combating the trends nationally begins with men making courageous decisions individually,” Rainey said. He offers five key points on how every man can step up.

  • It takes courage. “All men face decisions in life that demand courage,” Rainey said. “One courageous choice leads to another, and tomorrow’s integrity depends on today’s bravery.”
  • The time is now. “The time to start stepping up to the courageous life you want is now,” Rainey said. “Some men think it’s too late in life, others think they’re too young or that they’ve made too many mistakes or that this call doesn’t apply to them. But regardless of your age, stage in life or circumstances, it’s time.”
  • You’re not alone. “Our nation overflows with men needing and wanting to step up,” Rainey said. “Wherever you are in life, others are there too, having made similar choices. You’re not alone.”
  • It’s a lifetime calling. “Every man goes through five stages in life,” Rainey said, “including boyhood, adolescence, manhood, mentor and patriarch. Each stage offers challenges and opportunities. The opportunity to step up is always there; the need to live courageously is always there.”
  • You can do it! “Each man brings his unique life history to the process of stepping up,” Rainey said. “And I want to encourage you, whoever you are, whatever road you’ve traveled, you can do this! You need to know that the heredity you were handed is not as important as the legacy you will leave.”

Rainey believes a vast number of men today desire to begin the journey beyond heredity and upbringing to becoming who God wants them to be and society needs them to be. After spending more than a decade researching, speaking and writing on the subject, Rainey produced a resource to help, his book Stepping Up: A Call to Courageous Manhood. Stepping Up covers both the need for courageous men and how men can step up today. It is available in hardback and e-book formats. Find Stepping Up at and through the online retailers Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Vyrso.

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