January 24, 2013 Journal Entry

Will’s speech and comprehension of seemingly random things keeps amping up. Just the other night, we were out at a diner and he was holding a toy and suddenly raised it in the air and declared “Up!” And put it down and proclaimed, “Down!” And, I forget what the objects were (butter packets?), but he literally counted out the quantity of them on the table (2 or 3), which was cool because I know he can count from 1 to 20, but it’s exciting to see he understands –at least somewhat– how counting works!

Even as I write this, we are watching classic Donald Duck cartoons and when one ended, he ran up to me and said “More peez!” (and he just a second ago did the sign language sign for “more” while saying it — but the attempt at “please” is a new thing.

This was fascinating to me too: I hung up a piece of art I bought recently on eBay in my office yesterday and had to take down a different framed photo. I left it on a desk near the doorway and he saw it today and said “book!” and I said, “No, Will, it’s not a book, it’s actually a picture! It’s a photograph!” He then tried to open it, but then abandoned that when I emphasized it was a picture and proceeded to prop it up on a CD rack nearby and walk away…! That was definitely a first that I’ve seen.

It’s really quite neat to witness his various developments!

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