SOURCE: Turning Point PR
BURBANK, Calif.—Today’s highly anticipated release of God’s Truth, Volume 4 of Whitestone Media’s popular Theo animated series, brings with it powerful new teaching tools that help parents convey the truths of faith and the importance of prayer to their children.

Who is Theo? He’s a kindly English pastor full of wise words that communicate—and simplify—the often difficult messages of the Bible for young minds. Assisting Theo are two mischievous mice, Luther and Belfry, who also provide comic relief. The animation, writing, direction, music and overall entertainment value set a new standard for presenting biblical Truth to children and families.

Previous DVDs in the series have featured such episodes as “Redemption,” “Saving Faith” and “Loving Obedience.” Volume 4, God’s Truth, contains three new episodes: “Abiding in Christ” teaches that abiding in Christ is a lot like imitating Him; “Light Unto My Path” teaches that the world is spiritually dark, and without a light we’d trip over spiritual obstacles and wouldn’t know which way to walk; and “What is the Church?” teaches that the Church is inclusive of people from all nations, races, and ethnicities and is the Body of believers worshipping God and sharing the love of Christ together.

God’s Truth also breaks fresh ground in the series by including the newly minted Home Edition. While the animated lessons entertain and educate children about God’s Word, the Home Edition includes a Parent’s Guide designed to promote quality family devotional time together.

After viewing the video, the Parent’s Guide helps parents introduce questions to stimulate discussion with their children concerning the topics they’ve just watched. There are also fun family activities, suggested Scripture readings, and a closing prayer to finish the Bible study. Nightly devotionals are included to help underscore the lessons of each episode, making them fun to learn and easy to remember.

“A family’s involvement in Bible study is key for a child’s spiritual development,” says creator Mike Joens, “and Theo: God’s Truth Home Edition caters to this very purpose. I truly hope it will help parents and instructors teach children the many wonders found in God’s Word, so that they may better know the awesome God we serve.”

A Whitestone Media release, Theo: God’s Truth Home Edition retails for $14.99. Distributed by EMI CMG Distribution, the DVD is available online and at leading Christian retailers nationwide. For more information, visit

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