Heritage Builders Publishing to Help Kids Deal with Bullies, Body Functions and More with the “Embarrassing to the Max” Book Series

Heritage Builders Publishing to Help Kids Deal with Bullies, Body Functions and More with the “Embarrassing to the Max” Book Series

Award-winning illustrator Scott Nelson’’s “My Tummy Disaster” to be released May 15th
tummy disaster

SOURCE: Nashville PR
(CLOVIS, California)
— Heritage Builders Publishing has announced that it will publish the “Embarrassing to the Max” children’s series by award-winning illustrator Scott Nelson. The first book in the series, “Dozi the Alligator Finds a Family,” will be released on March 15, 2015.

Everyone has to deal with embarrassing moments at some point in their lives. To children though these moments may shape how they’re perceived for years to come. From bullying situations to lack of confidence, the ramifications of a bad day at school, on the field or even in the home can have profound consequences.

The Embarrassing to the Max series showcases awkward body function stories and tries to help young readers see that subjects such as pants wetting, nose picking and throwing up happen to everyone at some point in their lives.

In “My Tummy Disaster,” our main hero loses his breakfast as the class chorus sings “My Country Tis of Thee.” Will concealing the mess with a Tuba be enough or will the “Crazy Barfing Kid” now need to skip school forever? The readers will be surprised when they see who the class actually roots for.

This book, the first of a multi-volume series, uses humor to show kids how to avoid feeling shame and humiliation for natural acts that happen to all of us some time or another. The self-confidence gained is a natural defense against verbal bullying.

“My Tummy Disaster” addresses embarrassing moments and bullying through humor, creating a valuable learning experience for young readers and their parents alike.

About the Author & Illustrator:
Scott Nelson has been a full-time freelance illustrator, cartoonist and author since 1987 working with notable greeting card companies such as American Greeting, Hallmark and Golden Books for Children. Along with coaching soccer teams and teaching art in the public school system, he’s illustrated nine books and won the Mom’s Choice Award in 2006. He lives in Milbury, MA.

About Heritage Builders Publishing:
Heritage Builders Publishing was launched in 2009 with a mission of publishing Christian books geared to help the family. Heritage Builders’ current titles include the Serendipity series from best-selling Children’s book author Stephen Cosgrove, “The Legend of George Jones” from Charlene and Earl “Peanutt” Montgomery, Grammy winner Rick Hall’s autobiography, “The Man from Muscle Shoals,” “Grandpa Pitched for the Cubs” by Liberty University co-founder Dr. Elmer Towns, and the best-selling “Family Nights Tool Chest,” first introduced by Focus on the Family in the late 1990’s. For more information about Heritage Builders Publishing, visit www.heritagebuilders.com.

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