THE SLUGS & BUGS SHOW to Release New Christmas Special “MAKE READY FOR CHRISTMAS”!

THE SLUGS & BUGS SHOW to Release New Christmas Special “MAKE READY FOR CHRISTMAS”!
Critically-Acclaimed Faith-Based Children’s Show Christmas Special to Release on November 24th, 2020 with host Randall Goodgame and guests including Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton and musicians Ellie Holcomb, Andrew Peterson, & Buddy Greene.
SOURCE: Biscuit PR
Nashville, TN – From a song-filled workshop in the heart of Music City, The Slugs & Bugs Show debuts their first holiday special, “Make Ready for Christmas.” Following the acclaimed first season of this hilarious kids and family show, host Randall Goodgame welcomes a gift basket full of guests!  “Make Ready for Christmas” tells the story of Advent with seven original songs the whole family will love.
“Every year, the Christmas season offers a new opportunity to be astonished by the birth of Jesus, and this story invites families inside the Workshop as we remember – and navigate the challenges of the season – through our songs and delightful characters.” Randall shares.
With a cast of talented performers from Sesame Street and The Helpsters, and created by a producer of VeggieTales, The Slugs & Bugs Show invites families to “Make Ready for Christmas.” In this hour-long special, the workshop welcomes special guests including Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton and singer/songwriters Ellie Holcomb, Andrew Peterson, Buddy Green, Jeff Taylor, Diana Beach Batarseh, and Ron Block.
“As we celebrate Christmas with our families, especially this year, we wanted to consider what steps we can take to prepare our hearts through a season of Advent. Becoming aware of our real need for the gift of Jesus and sharing that through our characters in a story that reflects the same crazy whirlwind of holidays as our own families. I can’t wait for families to join us as we “Make Ready for Christmas!” The Slugs & Bugs Show Showrunner, J. Chris Wall shares.
Randall and the Slugs & Bugs cast experience the Advent season, but with so much activity and a dizzying carousel of friends stopping by the workshop, will the crew erupt with frustration or will they embody the hope, joy, love, and peace that signify the true meaning of Christmas?
Slugs & Bugs will also be releasing a new 5-book collection, Adventures from the Workshop and Beyond later in 2020. This boxed set of picture books builds on the themes from the Season One of The Slugs & Bugs Show and include new adventures with all the beloved cast of characters: Doug, Sparky, Morty, and Maggie.
For more information on The Slugs & Bugs Show, the brand new Christmas special “Make Ready for Christmas”, the music, and Adventures from the Workshop and Beyond 5-Book Collection visit
The Slugs & Bugs Show and the Adventures from the Workshop and Beyond are produced by Brentwood Studios and RightNow Media.
“Not only does [Randall Goodgame] dignify children by speaking the truth to them, but he’s also made a quality show from beginning to end. It’s clear from the content and method of the show that Goodgame believes the youngest among us are still worthy of our best efforts.” – The Gospel Coalition
“I love how the Slugs and Bugs Show captivates kids and plants seeds of gospel goodness in their hearts! The show is also such a gift to moms and dads and grandparents everywhere.” – Bob Lepine, cohost of FamilyLife Today
“Not all shows are so careful as The Slugs & Bugs Show in drawing out the practical, gritty ways that the Gospel of grace alone makes life in family and community possible.” – The Rabbit Room

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