releases tear ‘n share resource to encourage kids with 50 simple notes




New ‘NOTEworthy Kids – 50 Encouraging Notes 

Every Child Needs to Receive’

SOURCE: 130 Agency

DALLAS – Jan. 12, 2021 – A new resource from – a leading online location for parents of all ages experiencing the joys and challenges of faithfully raising a family – offers 50 ways for parents to give their kids the vital encouragement they need for healthy development.


NOTEworthy Kids – 50 Encouraging Notes Every Child Needs to Receive features 50 encouraging phrases that remind children there’s always hope, even on tough days, and reinforces that parents are there for them in the good, the bad and everywhere in between.


Order Here:


“Sending a thoughtful note at the right time or sharing the perfect words when needed is a gift of encouragement that comes naturally to many, but not to all of us,” said Cynthia Yanof, wife, mom, author, Pardon the Mess podcaster and leader of Christian Parenting. “These 50 notes were created for those of us who need tangible ways to remind our kids that we believe in them and are praying over their days.”


In a “self-esteem” crazy world, experts say praising children for results – an “A” paper, for example – runs the risk of making them addicted to approval and risk averse. But encouraging their effort develops a focus on the process that earned the win and helps them reflect on how they can do better.


Excerpts from NOTEworthy Kids include:

  • Just Be Yourself!I’ve asked God to help you stay true to who you were created to be today.
  • Live Big Today!Today is a great day to have a great day! Don’t let all the things you have to get done keep you from enjoying what makes life fun.
  • Do-Over, Anyone? – Tomorrow is a new day, thank goodness. With each new day we have opportunities to fix what went wrong and repair what feels broken.


“We’ve also left a spot for you to write your own note on the back,” Yanof said. “It’s easy to encourage your kids by placing a shareable note in their backpack, on their bathroom mirror or at their bedside. Kids need encouragement at every age and stage, college included.”


Yanof cited 1 Thessalonians 5:11 where it says, “So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.”


“It’s our prayer that these notes help parents maximize every opportunity to encourage their kids and remind them of the great value and purpose they hold as children of God,” she said.


Christian Parenting is an online platform including podcasts that over 1.2 million parents have already downloaded. It is a brand of Denison Ministries, which also produces the Denison Forum, featuring Dr. Jim Denison’s insight on news affecting Christians today, and First15 daily devotionals.

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