WOW VBS announces on-demand streaming services beginning July 6

WOW VBS announces on-demand streaming services

beginning July 6

SOURCE: Adams Group

For Immediate Release (Nashville, TN) — With churches and individuals from over 60 countries participating in the WOW VBS Virtual Bible School over the last few days, the organizers have announced an on-demand streaming service beginning on July 6.

The Vacation Bible School alternative features children’s ministry performers from various countries with special appearances and performances by Chonda Pierce, Mary Rice Hopkins, Miss Pattycake, and Gary Chapman. Co-organizer and family entertainer, Scott Humston, says the streaming service will also be offered for free.

“We have been blown away with the response to WOW VBS,” says Humston. “Starting July 6, anyone can stream the event on-demand absolutely free. This has truly become a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy so many top children’s entertainers and presenters in one event.”

Children’s ministry musical artists, illusionists, comedians, puppeteers, and leaders from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the United States are part of the WOW VBS presentation. Co-creator and director of Faith Kidz, Steve Pennington, says this event has helped these various performers, who typically rely on live events for their livelihoods, to do something positive during this time of worldwide shutdowns.

“These children’s ministry performers have lent their time and talent to make these shows fun, engaging, and highly entertaining,” says Pennington. “Though the events are completely free to everyone, we are accepting donations that will help cover the production costs as well as pay these incredible ministry leaders.”

WOW VBS continues this week, and on-demand streaming will begin July 6. Churches and individuals can get free access at

About Scott Humston:

For over two decades, Scott Humston’s magic has been seen by over three million people in the U.S. as well as Canada, England, Scotland, Turkey and Belize. He was featured on the #1 television show, “Now You See It,” on the BBC channel in the United Kingdom. He has performed for major corporations such as Southwest Airlines, LEGO, Warner Brothers Records, as well as three performances at the White House. He is the associate editor of The Linking Ring magazine, a trade publication for the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He also serves as Territorial Vice-President for that organization, as well as being a member of the Magic Circle in London, England. For more information visit

About Steve Pennington:

Steve Pennington has spent four decades as a writer, director, video producer, and performer. He has written shows for theme parks such as Six Flags and Silver Dollar City. His Pro-Kids family show has been performed in over 2000 elementary schools as well as for the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll. He served five years as the program director for children’s ministries at Saddleback Church and is currently the children’s pastor at Trevecca Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information visit

Entrepreneur & Former Software Developer Launches Ground-breaking, Faith-based App to Help Children Learn the Bible

Entrepreneur & Former Software Developer Launches Ground-breaking, Faith-based App to Help Children Learn the Bible


(Washington, DC) – May 17, 2017 – The advancement of technology affords designers the opportunity to develop innovative and exciting new apps. The faith-based community is no exception. Vicky E. Lynch, an entrepreneur and visionary, took her love of the Bible, education, and her knowledge of technology and melded it into a ground-breaking, inspirational app just for kids ages 3-12 years old. The app motivates children to learn the Bible through 41 memorable poems, beautiful illustrations and a licensed partnership with Psalty Kids Co! to teach 26 scriptures with “The Bible Alphabet Song.” The new app, Theo & Izzy the Word Seekers, is currently available as a free download through the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. A video highlighting the app’s features is available here:


Lynch came up with the idea for the app while putting her children to bed. “The idea came from my sons,” she recounts. “During story time, they wanted me to read a lot of stories from their children’s Bible. When I felt tired of flipping pages, I realized that I could consolidate stories broken into several chapters in an interesting way that didn’t feel overwhelming when I wanted them to sleep. Part two of the vision came when I formed a curriculum for children’s Bible studies. I shared it with my children. With joy, they learned about the Bible, but wanted something visual like a video game. Instead, I decided to create an app,” says Vicky. With a background in software development, Vicky conceptualized much of the creative and technical aspect of the app.


To complement the app, there is a companion story book which follows the stories, also including a Fun Zone with puzzles and coloring pages. Children will enjoy the thrilling adventures that characters Theo and Izzy take them on, recounting familiar stories from the Old and New Testaments. With characters that are easily relatable, children will connect with them immediately. Theo is ten years old and his strength is helping children overcome peer pressure. Izzy is seven years old, and she desires to learn as much as she can, as she exemplifies positive behavior in school. Imaginatively created by Vicky, she credits her children for inspiring both characters, and lovingly calls her children “little creative directors.”


Lynch, who serves as founder, director, product manager and writer of the app, through her organization, Words from a Childlike Heart, hopes that Theo & Izzy the Word Seekers encourages children to live out their own personal Bible experiences. With a goal to teach children valuable lessons found in each story, Vicky aims to make biblical narratives sensational and thought-provoking for kids. Through original music by 1 Vision Music Productions and narration by Voice Over Artist, Lisa Biggs, the presence of children makes the app keenly targeted to its intended audience. Feeling a call to spread the gospel and encourage literacy in this unique way, Vicky wants to ignite a spark in children for the Bible and for reading. She also hopes that Theo and Izzy serve as role models for kids, helping them to make wise and right choices.


The organization’s theme, “Setting the stage for biblical training and individual achievement,” captures the mission of Words from a Childlike Heart. The ministry started in 2014 with the poem, “Superhero.” Since that time, it’s grown from that one poem to a CD to an app. Lynch’s children are entrepreneurs as well as award-winning, international recording artists with the release of “We Have Clean Hands,” a single that’s already receiving airplay. Cleveland and Samuel have also penned four books, and their mother has three published books. The music and books are available for purchase on Connect with Vicky E. Lynch of Word from a Childlike Heart on Facebook and Twitter.

Renowned Speaker and Author says a "Revolution" is needed in America's Schools

Renowned Speaker and Author says a “Revolution” is needed in America’s Schools

 bob lenz

For Immediate Release − Renowned international speaker and author, Bob Lenz, is releasing his latest book entitled Dignity Revolution: Standing up for the Value of Every Person , co-authored with award-winning educator, Deborah Tackmann. Dignity Revolution is a culmination of Lenz’ three decades of leading assemblies in over 3000 public schools on the issues of bullying, self-harm, suicide and substance abuse. Since 1982, Lenz has reached an estimated four million youth in the U.S. and around the world. Lenz says he hopes the book will begin a national movement among middle and high school students.

“If this book does one thing, I hope it will teach people how to stop judging others by how they look or what they can or cannot do, but instead, see each individual as someone that needs love and deserves respect,” says Lenz. “I grew up with two siblings who had special needs and I came to understand the worth and value of every single human being early on.  Our society measures worth on what people can do, and as a result, we have become more human ‘doings’ than human beings.  It seems today’s culture is so wrapped up in issues and agendas.  I always say ‘it is not an argument to be won, it is a person to be loved.’”

Indeed, Dignity Revolution challenges a societal system which Lenz says simply is not working, and consequently is leading to intensified bullying incidences, suicide, and school violence. “What we need to deal with are the issues beneath the issues,” says Lenz. “We live in a pluralistic society and we need to learn to handle conflicts and find resolutions. We can start by taking away the affects of bullying by empowering the victims, letting each student know that they do not deserve to be picked on
or ridiculed. If a bully cannot get the reaction they want, that shuts them down. Second, we need to love the bullies enough to report them to the appropriate authorities. This is the role of love – to be strength under control and to serve someone else. And bullies need to feel and experience consequences in order to change.  You do not truly love someone if you condone or enable their bad behavior.”

The book includes a pledge that students can take, as well as a 21-day challenge that Lenz hopes will begin to change the hearts and minds of kids, and thereby, change the social culture in schools across the nation. “I tell kids not to let their pain, past or problem, take away their value,” Lenz continues. “I tear up a five dollar bill in front of them and then piece it back together, showing them that even though it has been broken, it will still be accepted as currency; it still has value.  And no matter what they have gone through, they also have worth and every person they meet has value. If we
can learn to respect people who are different from us or who may not think like us, we can change this generation for the better.”

For Dignity Revolution, Lenz teamed with Deborah Tackmann, B.S., M.E.P.D., a health education instructor, consultant and author in the Eau Claire Area School District in Wisconsin.  She was selected as one of the top teachers in the nation by USA Today, was awarded National Education Professional of the Year by ASHA and AAHE, and is a Disney Teacher Award recipient.

Lenz is founder and president of Life Promotions, a non-profit organization that also birthed the annual Lifest event which hosts over 20,000 people for a time of music and teaching in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Lenz has worked with numerous national organizations including MADD, Boys and Girls Clubs, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Youth Encounter, Young Life, NFL Chaplains, among many others. He has headlined tours with Grammy-nominated band, The Newsboys, and been the featured speaker at
numerous festivals including AtlantaFest, Creation, Rock the Desert, and many others.

For more information on Dignity Revolution, visit  For more information on Bob Lenz, visit


Syntax Creative Welcomes Standard Publishing

Syntax Creative Welcomes Standard Publishing

High Quality Children’s Music Available Digitally For The First Time Ever

jungle safari

SOURCE: Syntax Creative

San Diego, CA – May 13 2014—Standard Publishing—publishers of children’s music for decades—has signed a digital distribution deal with Syntax Creative in good timing before the summer launch of “Jungle Safari” curriculum, a Vacation Bible School curriculum used across the country.

Churches around the world use Standard Publishing’s resources to inspire, educate and motivate their communities. One of Standard’s most popular resources is their VBS curriculum, which includes original, inspiring music from award-winning recording artist Yancy.

“Standard Publishing is passionate about helping kids know God and music is a great way to connect with them,” says Lindsay Black, Associate Publisher at Standard Publishing. “We’re excited to partner with Syntax to provide another opportunity for kids and leaders to discover Yancy’s music.”

Syntax Creative CEO Tim Trudeau says, “Year after year, Standard Publishing consistently puts out high quality and engaging curriculum. I’m excited to work with them and, for the first time ever, offer their music to the digital marketplace.”

This year, Yancy created eight, new songs to go along with the “Jungle Safari” VBS resource, which are available now for pre-order at iTunes now. And, now these biblically-based songs will be available to the public to use during VBS and all-year long. Additionally, Yancy’s music from previous VBS packages will be made available through digital services providers as well.

Black adds, “We are thrilled with the new songs for this year’s summer children’s programming and we are confident they will make a great addition for children’s worship time at any church.”

“No longer will people only be able to only hear the music if they buy the curriculum, but they will now also be able to purchase or stream the music as a stand-alone—both in advance and long after VBS season is over,” adds Trudeau. “Normally it would cost money to market a product; in this case—and with our help—Standard Publishing will be expanding their reach and their message at the same time!”

Yancy has released several high-quality albums and multiple projects for kids and young adults alike, all while sharing the stage with such artists as Mutemath, Newsboys and Nichole Nordeman. As a writer, Yancy has teamed up with Third Day’s Mac Powell to write Avalon’s #1 hit “I Don’t Want To Go” and Jaci Velasquez’s “Something Beautiful,” among others. To learn more,

Standard Publishing has served Christian churches worldwide for nearly 150 years as a leader in children’s and adult resources. Whether educating children, teens or adults, you will find their products true to the Bible—a promise kept for more than a century. To learn more, visit:

Syntax Creative, based in San Diego, California, is one of the top independent digital distributors, design firms and marketing agencies that represents more than 100 content creators. Their clientele includes Central South, Answers In Genesis, Pinecastle Records, Crossroads Music, Canon Press, Humble Beast, among others. To learn more, visit:

Yancy Continues Standard Publishing Partnership, Creating New Music and Videos for “Jungle Safari” Vacation Bible School Program

Yancy Continues Standard Publishing Partnership, Creating New Music and Videos for “Jungle Safari” Vacation Bible School Program


SOURCE: Nashville Publicity

(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) — Christian singer-songwriter and children’s worship expert Yancy has created all-new songs and music videos for Standard Publishing’s 2014 Vacation Bible School program. “Jungle Safari,” which also includes contributions from Beth Guckenberger and special needs expert Vangie Rodenbeck, is packed with fun and adventure, teaching kids that God is Creator, Provider, Protector, Savior and King.

“It’s my third year to write, produce and perform the music, and the music videos, for Standard Publishing’s Vacation Bible School curriculum,” says Yancy, who was tasked with keeping kids energized and engaged. “I’m honored to continue this partnership, making an incredible impact in young lives from coast to coast.”

Standard Publishing’s focus on value ensures that churches get everything they need to lead VBS in one simple kit without having to buy core pieces separately. In fact, this is the only VBS curriculum with reproducible music so that churches can put the music in their kids’ hands for free. For more information about “Jungle Safari,” visit

For more than a decade, Yancy has released radio friendly pop/rock albums and multiple projects for kids and young adults. Her new adult-focused modern worship album, “Roots for the Journey” (Elevate Entertainment / Syntax Distribution), was released on May 21st to rave reviews. For more information, visit

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SOURCE: Turning Point PR
BURBANK, Calif.—Today’s highly anticipated release of God’s Truth, Volume 4 of Whitestone Media’s popular Theo animated series, brings with it powerful new teaching tools that help parents convey the truths of faith and the importance of prayer to their children.

Who is Theo? He’s a kindly English pastor full of wise words that communicate—and simplify—the often difficult messages of the Bible for young minds. Assisting Theo are two mischievous mice, Luther and Belfry, who also provide comic relief. The animation, writing, direction, music and overall entertainment value set a new standard for presenting biblical Truth to children and families.

Previous DVDs in the series have featured such episodes as “Redemption,” “Saving Faith” and “Loving Obedience.” Volume 4, God’s Truth, contains three new episodes: “Abiding in Christ” teaches that abiding in Christ is a lot like imitating Him; “Light Unto My Path” teaches that the world is spiritually dark, and without a light we’d trip over spiritual obstacles and wouldn’t know which way to walk; and “What is the Church?” teaches that the Church is inclusive of people from all nations, races, and ethnicities and is the Body of believers worshipping God and sharing the love of Christ together.

God’s Truth also breaks fresh ground in the series by including the newly minted Home Edition. While the animated lessons entertain and educate children about God’s Word, the Home Edition includes a Parent’s Guide designed to promote quality family devotional time together.

After viewing the video, the Parent’s Guide helps parents introduce questions to stimulate discussion with their children concerning the topics they’ve just watched. There are also fun family activities, suggested Scripture readings, and a closing prayer to finish the Bible study. Nightly devotionals are included to help underscore the lessons of each episode, making them fun to learn and easy to remember.

“A family’s involvement in Bible study is key for a child’s spiritual development,” says creator Mike Joens, “and Theo: God’s Truth Home Edition caters to this very purpose. I truly hope it will help parents and instructors teach children the many wonders found in God’s Word, so that they may better know the awesome God we serve.”

A Whitestone Media release, Theo: God’s Truth Home Edition retails for $14.99. Distributed by EMI CMG Distribution, the DVD is available online and at leading Christian retailers nationwide. For more information, visit



SOURCE: Click Comm.

Back by popular demand, The Baby Einstein Company will be releasing nine of its most popular videos to market as individual DVDs on Tuesday, February 7th.  These fan-favorite DVDs help provide today’s parents and caregivers with compelling content that engage babies and provides meaningful ways to spend time together.


The DVDs can be found at stores across the U.S. and Canada only and/or at and retail for the suggested price of $14.99 U.S./$16.99 Canada.

The nine titles are as follows:

•           Baby Lullaby – Take your baby on a soothing journey with classical lullabies by Bach, Brahms and Mozart. Enjoy relaxing ocean waves,sweet puppet shows, and tranquil images. From fun time to rest time, Baby Lullaby is the perfect way to spend special time with your baby.

•           Baby Beethoven – Parent and baby can listen to the joyous sounds and cherished works of Beethoven. See how music celebrates the sounds of different instruments.Together, they will experience a world of enchanting sights and sounds and make new discoveries with Baby Beethoven.

•           Baby Mozart – Parent and baby will discover the joy of classical music together and listen to Mozart’s popular works – including “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” – delightfully re-orchestrated for little ears. They’ll look at real-life images and enchanting puppet shows bringing a symphony of sights and sounds together as they share new discoveries with Baby Mozart.

•           Neptune’s Oceans – Dive in with your little explorer for a voyage of undersea discovery! Journey across Neptune’s Oceans to encounter amazing marine life in their natural habitats. Penguins, whales, dolphins, sea lions and crabs come to life in engaging musical portraits. Together, you and your baby will ride a tide of fun as you explore this wondrous new world!

•           Wild Animal Safari – Parents can take their little explorer on an exotic musical expedition to meet wild animals from across the globe. Together, they’ll journey to the jungle, savanna, desert and forest on a wild, wonderful voyage of discovery with Wild Animal Safari.

•           Animals Around Me – Parent and child set off on a fun-filled “field trip” to discover animals found at the park, on the farm, and in their own backyard – whether furry or feathered, winged or wiggly, bumpy or cuddly, they’ll explore the Animals Around Me.

•           World of Rhythm – Your little one will want to keep a beat, snap his fingers and march his feet! Join characters Pillie, the musical woodpecker, and Coco, the dancing cockatoo, and share the excitement of rhythm with your baby. World of Rhythm explores rhythm in music, rhythm in nature and rhythm as a form of expression. It’s a fun way to encourage children to express themselves through singing, dancing, clapping and playing!

•           World of Colors – Parent and child share a rainbow of sights and sounds and discover the wonders of color together! They’ll join puppet host “Vincent Van Goat” as he creates six Van Gogh masterpieces exploring red, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple with World of Colors.

•           World of Words – Parent and child join playful puppet host Bard the Dragon on an exciting adventure using everyday words, such as flower, cat, and moon, plus beautiful scenery from nature with World of Words.



After Wife’s Battle With Illness, World-Renowned Graphic Novelist Billy Tucci Creates a Biblically Accurate, Beautifully Illustrated Christmas Story

SOURCE: Lovell/Fairchild Comm.


  • Billy Tucci—famous for the worldwide success of the modern samurai graphic novel Shi, among many other works—writes and draws a meticulously researched story of Christ’s birth, Billy Tucci’s A Child Is Born.
  • Known for “cape and cowl” superhero comics, Tucci found inspiration in his faith through his wife’s year-long battle with breast cancer and committed to putting Christ in a comic of the Christmas story.
  • The 32-page graphic novella launches sales today.

AUSTIN, Texas – Nov. 23, 2011 – Sales launch today on world-renowned, award-winning graphic novelist Billy Tucci’s biblically accurate, meticulously researched, beautifully drawn telling of the birth of Jesus—Billy Tucci’s A Child Is Born. Tucci, called a “rock star” of the comic world, was best known for the global success of the modern samurai graphic novel, Shi, and for his groundbreaking mainstream comic series, Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion. But it was his wife’s one-year, victorious battle with cancer and its effect on his family’s faith that led Tucci to A Child Is Born.

“Watching my wife’s winning battle against breast cancer made me realize how wonderful life, love and family truly are,” Tucci said, “and that at this point in our lives, no work is more worthwhile to our family than illustrating this story of Mary and Joseph.”


Tucci partnered with Evan Archilla and Dr. Jason Peet and created Apostle Arts, producing their first graphic novel, A Child Is Born, which features more than 80 panels drawn by Tucci and colored by his frequent collaborator, Paul Mounts. Working with nativity scholars and basing his text on the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, Tucci painstakingly researched the clothes, locales—even the scientific explanation for the Star of Bethlehem—to recreate the Middle Eastern world at the time of Jesus’ birth.

First and foremost, Tucci sees the nativity as a great story, one perfectly suited to the graphic novel format. As Tucci told his son, who asked about his father’s venturing away from “cape and cowl” comics such as Batman, “Jesus is the greatest superhero to ever walk the earth.”

When talk turns to superhero comics, Tucci knows a thing or two about it. Shi, his graphic novel, modern samurai fable has sold more than three million copies, been translated into five languages and generated $25 million in sales. With that success, Tucci moved into the world of mainstream comics with Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion, a series that placed the iconic DC Comics character in a historically accurate retelling of a famous World War II battle. And Tucci saw that same potential for a gripping, historically accurate story in the Gospels.

“What a story it is!” he said. “It’s filled with heartbreak, joy, danger, fear, awe, love and hope all compacted into just a few short New Testament verses.”

A Child Is Born sells through comic stores, bookstores and online, published by Apostle Arts. Through bulk sale discounts of 30 or more copies, churches and organizations can use A Child Is Born as a fund-raiser or giveaway.

For more information or to order copies visit:

Follow A Child Is Born on Facebook at:

Standard Publishing Signs Children's Worship Artist Yancy to Exclusive 2012 VBS Music Deal

Standard Publishing Signs Children’s Worship Artist Yancy to Exclusive 2012 VBS Music Deal

NEWS SOURCE: Nashville Publicity

(CINCINNATI, Ohio) — In what is believed to be a first-ever partnership of this kind, Standard Publishing today announced that children’s worship expert and composer Yancy has entered into an exclusive partnership to write and produce 10 original songs for Standard Publishing’s 2012 Vacation Bible School, and to perform the songs for videos and at personal appearances for promotional events during the coming year.

Yancy has been performing and writing music her entire life, and involved with ministry about that long too, as she is the daughter of ministry veteran Jim Wideman.

The partnership with Standard Publishing marks a new element in her career, as this is the first time she’s ever written music for a Vacation Bible School publisher.

“I’m so excited to partner with Standard Publishing to write, produce and perform these songs,” Yancy said. “I’m believing for changed lives from this Vacation Bible School experience as kids are able to learn about God’s promises. I believe these songs will continue to help them take to heart what they learn and apply its message to their life every day for years to come.”

Yancy will join Standard Publishing at the Christian publishing industry’s International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) on Sunday, July 10 in Atlanta, as well as at the North American Christian Convention in Cincinnati on Wednesday, July 6 where she will lead children’s worship. At both venues, she will help launch Standard Publishing’s promotion for its 2012 Vacation Bible School theme.

“Music is such a powerful way to connect with an audience,” Yancy continued. “We all have events and memories in our life that are brought back to our remembrance when we hear a certain song.

“What an amazing way to plant the truth of God’s word in these young hearts. I believe this collection of songs will truly help these kids remember what they learned even years beyond their summer 2012 VBS experience.”

Standard Publishing, the original publisher of Vacation Bible School and an award-winning powerhouse in this field, continues to break new ground in VBS with signing Yancy.

“We have long been committed to providing original music each year for VBS as we want the message of VBS to continue to be reinforced by the music the kids are learning. This is some of the best learning times for kids, and most long-lasting, as the children go home singing these songs and continue to sing them for months and years afterwards,” said Bob Wallace, Standard Publishing Marketing Manager.

“Partnering with Yancy for these songs is a wonderful opportunity for everyone, we believe, to capture songs that kids today will love.”

Nashville-based Yancy has been writing and performing for more than 13 years, working for five years on staff as a church worship leader, then leading worship for a wide variety of ages at churches and events. She currently travels the country sharing her music by performing family concerts at churches and leading worship at conferences and camps.

She has produced 10 of her own CDs, in addition to composing and arranging for other Contemporary Christian Music artists. She’s written songs with Third Day’s Mac Powell and co-wrote Avalon’s hit single “I Don’t Want to Go” as well as Jaci Velesquez’ “Something Beautiful.” She recently released a new CD, Stars, Guitars and Megaphone Dreams.

Along the way, she’s written devotional books for worship teams, launched a father-daughter event with her dad, and provided church resource materials and led workshops for children’s worship leaders. To learn more about Yancy, visit

Standard Publishing’s award-winning VBS programs consistently rank high with consumers for Biblical content, thorough lessons, and variety of extra materials available. Earlier this year, Standard’s VBS added Top Pick VBS for 2011 from children’s ministry blog, About the Children’s Department, to its list of awards. Other recent awards include being named 2010’s Best VBS by Christianity Today’s Your Church magazine.

To learn more about and get free downloads of VBS music as well as other helps, visit, or

For more than 140 years, Standard Publishing has been raising the standard for true-to-the-Bible resources that educate, encourage and enrich. The company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio where it was founded in 1866. For more information, visit or call Standard Publishing at 1-800-543-1353.

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