The Learning Process

I’m new to blogging. So an advance “I’m Sorry” if I ramble on, or don’t make sense in a sentence or two. I have to write for my work-living, but blogging is just different. But the good part? I am mom to an amazing 6 yr old, so getting the opp from the awesome John D. to write about her and about just being a mom…I’ll take it! 🙂

I don’t have this mom thing all figured out, and if anyone says they do, even if they are parents to a dozen kids with lots more kid experience than me, I think they are lying. The one thing I DO know is that children constantly make us learn. Not only do they learn about life stuff in the womb, they have no idea (until they too become parents) how much they teach us.

I seriously learn constantly from my daughter every day. I learn patience (she’s sooo stubborn!). I learn love (could my heart have this much love for this little person? Yes!). I learn responsibility (I’ve got to set an example of doing good as little eyes are watching my every move…and I’ve got to fess up when I’ve wronged…she’s got to see me make my mistakes too and know no parent is perfect).

I learn fear (I’m so afraid for her safety all the time, and want to be a constant shield, but I know I can’t be that all the time—we’ve only had one broken arm and minor cuts – whew). So then I learn more patience. And I learn to pray more for her. For her to be safe, protected, to be loved by her peers but to be herself and grow into a strong woman. I just learn every single day and I had NO clue that was part of parenting till she came along.

Parenting, albeit the hardest thing my husband and I have ever taken on, is the best, hardest, coolest, most amazing gift. I’m glad I  have this tough job. And I look forward to the day when my daughter can experience for herself (20+ years at least, please!) 🙂  And not only will we continue to learn from our children, but let’s be open to learning from other parents. We’re all in this together….we might as well as enjoy the roller coaster as a team than fly solo!

Cheers to parenthood!

Stacie V.