Tricia Brock Talks About New Album, Parenting, and Miscarriages


Former Superchick vocalist Tricia Brock has been very busy since the band retired from the road. When she hasn’t been writing and recording for her new solo album, Radiate, she’s been busy adjusting to her new life as a mother.’s Roger Gelwicks recently addressed the musical side of Tricia’s solo career, while John DiBiase talked to the young mother about raising little Ava.

We’ve included part of the JFH interview below as well as exclusive questions regarding her experiences with a miscarriage before having little Ava.

This interview took place on: 7/29/13. 

  • JFH (Roger Gelwicks): Songs like “Good to Be a Girl” and “Mirror Mirror” remind me of past Superchick songs like “One Girl Revolution” and “Barlow Girls.” What prompted going back to these sorts of themes for Radiate?

I think the 15 year old, tall and way too skinny, zits-on-my-face Tricia is still in there. I just feel the way we view ourselves shapes us so much and it affects us way beyond our teen years. We are being shaped and changed throughout our entire lives, so I think we can always use these reminders. I now have a little girl, Ava, and I think some of these songs like “Daughter of the King” came out because of how I see her, want to love her and show her how to really love herself. They are songs I would want her to hear when she’s 12 and when things are getting tough to be a girl.

  • JFH (Roger): Which song from this new record do you connect with the most personally?

I would say my song called “What I Know.” It’s a song about the places in life where maybe things aren’t turning out the way we want. We might not have the answers we’re seeking, but we know His ways are higher. That He is good. He never lets us go. So we choose to hold to what we know and not just what we feel or see in circumstances around us. Some days, we don’t even have the words to pray to ask for His help. The words of this song feel so real and raw. I know that every person who hears it will say, “Yep, I’ve had those days.” Laying there worrying about our tomorrows because the weight of our unanswered questions are so heavy, sleep just escapes us. It is a beautiful song about real, honest faith moments when we choose to believe what we know and not what we feel. I’m leaning on that truth more and more as a woman and a wife and a mom.


  • JFH (John DiBiase): How has parenthood affected the way you make music/ write songs?

Well, most of our session writings have included Ava playing in the room, so it affects us quite a bit!! Parenthood changes you so much. The minute it happens and then gradually for the rest of our lives, I think. So, I guess it’s changing me all the time and the way I see the world, the way I love, the way I forgive and understand discipline and so many things, so of course my writing is affected. I think I have some songs on this record that might not have been written if I hadn’t become a mom… and a mom of a girl – phew! Where are the manuals to take home when you have babies?! =)


  • JFH (John): Do you have any advice for young parents?

Breathe. Sleep every chance you get. Leave the dishes for later. Let people help — especially family. They want to help and sometimes new moms have a hard time letting go. (Raising my hand.)


  • JFH (John): I know you and your husband suffered a miscarriage before the birth of your beautiful little baby girl. What do you feel God may have taught you through that experience? (My wife and I had a miscarriage before our son Will was born on October 1st, 2010 – so we can relate…)

Yes, it was our first pregnancy and that made it so scary. When we went in to hear the baby’s heartbeat at eight weeks, they saw that the baby wasn’t growing at the right rate and something was wrong. That was still a couple weeks before we knew we lost the baby, and then even a couple more weeks until I had to have surgery because I never miscarried.

It was so hard for me emotionally accepting it. Then, dealing with fears about the next baby and wondering if I could go through that again.

I think I learned to accept some things without all the answers. And God definitely provided healing for me through worship. We were traveling that year leading worship and those songs on my record The Road became a lot of healing for me. Especially the song “The Altar.” I look back now, and since having Ava…God makes sense of things. He brings us through things for a reason and He walks through it with us. Somehow when you look back you can see His hand and His purposes, and it can make sense without having every one of our ‘Why’ questions answered.


  • JFH (John): A lot of people don’t talk about miscarriages. What would you like to say to anyone struggling with a loss like that?

I noticed that and I felt like it was something I was supposed to share. Communicating can be really healing for me, but I know it is very personal and some couples need it to be their thing to deal with and not share.

I think that men need to understand as hard as it can be for you, that your wife needs a lot of love and support. Women – [you need to] know that it isn’t your fault, and going down that road is so hard on you. I had days out of nowhere that it would hit me again and it was sometimes hard for my husband to understand, thinking we had moved on, but I needed his patience and love more than ever.

It’s one of the hard things we can never understand about life and about God. So, Nick and I chose to think that there was a reason that baby isn’t with us and is in Heaven. We choose to trust that there are reasons we don’t always understand and try to leave it there.


  • JFH (John): Care to share a funny parents story about parenting Ava? 🙂

This story is the first of many that popped into my head! So, Ava was just a few months old when my sister [Melissa] got married. My sister owns a flower shop called Rosebuds East in Nashville and she had one of the most beautiful DIY weddings I’ve ever seen!

The wedding was in their beautiful backyard, which they designed. She made all the bouquets and made Ava a little headband (Ava doesn’t have much hair yet, so we use accessories to keep her looking like a girl). So, I saw Ava’s headband and put it on her before we did family pictures…and it wasn’t until later in the day that Melissa told me that I had put the garter on Ava’s head, not her headband. We laughed so hard, but the funniest part is, it looked so cute that we had her wear it all night and Melissa didn’t even throw it out. Oh, babies change everything!!


Tricia Brock’s new solo album Radiate is available August 13, 2013 wherever music is sold!

Life After A Miscarriage

My name is Rebekah Chamberlin and I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant with a healthy little baby.  This will be my and my husband’s first child, Lord willing.  While we’re elated and really starting to get excited, we still remember to thank God every day for our little miracle. I would love for my first blog to be bubbly and happy and filled with all the wonderful things that pregnancy brings!  Eventually I will get to that one, but I first wanted to share with you a little bit of background and explain why it’s so important for me to begin my day by thanking God for what He’s given me.

Truth be told, this is not my first pregnancy. It’s a shame that in this day and age, many couples still feel they have to suffer in silence through the pain of infertility or losing a child in the womb.  At the ripe old age of 24, you don’t really stop to give your fertility much thought. My husband and I were excited to start our family together, and in April of 2010, we set out to do just that. An agonizing 5 months later, I came running into our room to wake up my husband crying joyfully that we were going to be parents.  The first thing I did was run to my iPod and started playing the lullaby album Blink by Plumb (one of my personal favorites!).  Even though I almost immediately started getting very bad “morning” sickness (um… right, people, try all-day sickness!), nothing could dampen my spirits!  I was going to be pregnant through the fall and winter and give birth in June.  How perfectly God had worked everything out for me, and just the way I wanted!

For my first doctor appointment, I had to wait to go in until I was over eight weeks pregnant.  My husband was so excited to hear the heartbeat and see the baby on the sonogram that he took time off work that day to come with me.  We were beaming as we got called in to the exam room and met with the doctor.  As they put the probe on my stomach, we could see the little tiny baby; it was a wonderful!  After a short while, though, the doctor started frowning a bit and really moving the probe back and forth. I started to get a bit nervous. But I knew that God gave me this baby, so everything was going to turn out fine.

After the doctor had to do another more detailed type of sonogram, he turned to us and said, “There’s no heartbeat, I’m really sorry.”   For being a medical professional, I sure acted very naïve, “So what does that mean, doctor?”  I didn’t understand at first.  I was so sure something was going to happen; they would decide to take another look and there would be a heartbeat. or maybe I’d wait a few weeks and come back again to see if it had started.  The rest of what was said is a bit of a blur after that.  I remember the doctor saying that there should be a heartbeat by now and something must have gone wrong. My options were to wait and see if I eventually had a natural miscarriage or they could do minor surgery to take care of everything.  He advised us to go home and think about everything and call after the weekend.  I had tears slowly dripping down my face as we left the office.  We got in the car and my husband just held me in silence.  We started driving home and I asked him if we could go to visit friends of ours instead.  He called them and briefly explained the situation and they lovingly and graciously accepted us into their home.  Having gone through a similar situation themselves, it was an immense blessing to be able to talk with them.  They cried with us and were able to comfort us like few people could have.

We went home and I started doing a lot of research and we decided to have the surgery. I called the doctors office the next day and they were so kind on the phone and said they would squeeze me in on Monday.  It was a long, painful weekend as we had to share with our families and close friends that we had lost the baby.  A few people offered comforting remarks, but some of them were unintentionally more painful then helpful.  I was convicted by people’s responses. How many times had I been unknowingly insensitive or just “didn’t know what to say so I said nothing?”

We made it through the weekend, and on the day of our second wedding anniversary, spent the day at the hospital. God was good to us; everything went as expected, my body healed well and all the staff had been so nice to us. It was a long week after that, trying to keep it together at work and then crying for hours at night.  I knew that God was in control and that He loved me and had a purpose in the situation, but I still cried out to Him with violent sobs asking Him why He took my little baby.

Of course, I won’t have an answer until I get to Heaven, but for now, God has been working powerfully in my heart and drawing me into His loving arms and teaching me to let go of those things that I hold dear in this life and cling to Him.  He is the source of my joy and contentment, no matter the situation.  He’s teaching me to truly, genuinely love the unlovely and those struggling with deep hurts.  He allowed the situation to draw my husband and I much closer together then I thought possible.  The pain is still there and it may always be, but God is slowly healing my heart and shaping it into what He would have it be.

This is why I begin every day thanking God for what He’s given us, every day with this new life is truly a precious miracle to me.

Our Children's Companions

Over twenty years ago, when my husband and I moved into the home we are in now, my sons were 12 and 9 years of age. There were many young children in this neighborhood at the time, and my boys were eager to make new friends. At first, my husband and I were delighted to see our kids forming new attachments, but then we began noticing the negative behavior of many of our neighbors’ sons and daughters. Eventually, Joe and I had to forbid our boys to associate with the neighborhood kids.

What happened next only confirmed our suspicions. The kids that were not allowed to be friends with my children began attacking our house and property. They did so much damage that we had to get the police and our insurance company involved, and we eventually had to have all new siding put on our entire house. As the years passed, our sons were sometimes attacked verbally, and even physically, by the neighborhood children. And my husband and I did our best to protect them, along with God’s guidance and help.

As I look back, I have to admit that if I had to do it all over again, I would still make the difficult decision to forbid my children to hang out with the neighborhood gang. Even with all of the persecution and grief we endured from those who lived among us, I know in my heart that I did the right thing. The Bible says, “Do not be misled: ‘Bad company corrupts good character.'” (1 Corinthians 15:33 NIV) No matter how we try to convince ourselves otherwise, we are affected by those we spend time with. I know that my children would not be the godly, well-adjusted, and successful young men that they are today, if I had not kept a close watch on their companionships.

If you are a parent, the Lord holds you responsible for protecting your children from toxic relationships. Even if your children are adults, you have a responsibility to give them good, sound counsel in this area, and to pray for them to make wise choices. Scripture says, “Enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts.” (2 Timothy 2:22 NLT) Pray this verse for your children regularly, and trust God to work in their lives and hearts as you cooperate with His good plans for them!

Right and Wrong Ways to Discipline

When my children were in their teens, we as a family experienced some very tense times. I confess that I often struggled with anger, frustration, and bitterness, and that I didn’t always carry out my parental duties in a godly or Christlike manner. One day, when I was seeking the Lord about the tension in our home, He led me to a revealing verse of Scripture. Proverbs 19:18 (AMP) says: “Discipline your son while there is hope, but do not [indulge your angry resentments by undue chastisements and] set yourself to his ruin.” I knew this was a warning from God that I had to be very careful not to indulge my feelings of bitterness and resentment, by using disciplinary measures that might make me feel good momentarily, but that could do my children serious harm.

The apostle Paul gives a similar word of caution when he says: “Do not irritate and provoke your children to anger [do not exasperate them to resentment], but rear them [tenderly] in the training and discipline and the counsel and admonition of the Lord.” (Ephesians 6:4 AMP) The Bible makes it clear that there are right ways and wrong ways to instruct, correct, and discipline our children, so how do we know which tactics to employ in each situation? We pray and ask the Lord to show us exactly what to do. The Bible says in James 1:5 that whenever we need wisdom, all we need to do is to ask God for it, and He will supply it liberally.

We don’t own our children–they belong to the Lord. But He gives them to us for a relatively short time so that we can raise them up to love God and people, and to be a blessing to us and others in His name. If you are a parent, then you have a very important job to do. Do it well by seeking God’s wisdom, strength, and help continually, knowing that when you aim to please the Lord, you will have all the resources of heaven on your side!

The Learning Process

I’m new to blogging. So an advance “I’m Sorry” if I ramble on, or don’t make sense in a sentence or two. I have to write for my work-living, but blogging is just different. But the good part? I am mom to an amazing 6 yr old, so getting the opp from the awesome John D. to write about her and about just being a mom…I’ll take it! 🙂

I don’t have this mom thing all figured out, and if anyone says they do, even if they are parents to a dozen kids with lots more kid experience than me, I think they are lying. The one thing I DO know is that children constantly make us learn. Not only do they learn about life stuff in the womb, they have no idea (until they too become parents) how much they teach us.

I seriously learn constantly from my daughter every day. I learn patience (she’s sooo stubborn!). I learn love (could my heart have this much love for this little person? Yes!). I learn responsibility (I’ve got to set an example of doing good as little eyes are watching my every move…and I’ve got to fess up when I’ve wronged…she’s got to see me make my mistakes too and know no parent is perfect).

I learn fear (I’m so afraid for her safety all the time, and want to be a constant shield, but I know I can’t be that all the time—we’ve only had one broken arm and minor cuts – whew). So then I learn more patience. And I learn to pray more for her. For her to be safe, protected, to be loved by her peers but to be herself and grow into a strong woman. I just learn every single day and I had NO clue that was part of parenting till she came along.

Parenting, albeit the hardest thing my husband and I have ever taken on, is the best, hardest, coolest, most amazing gift. I’m glad I  have this tough job. And I look forward to the day when my daughter can experience for herself (20+ years at least, please!) 🙂  And not only will we continue to learn from our children, but let’s be open to learning from other parents. We’re all in this together….we might as well as enjoy the roller coaster as a team than fly solo!

Cheers to parenthood!

Stacie V.

The Pregnancy Companion, A Faith-Based Book For Expectant Women Hits Shelves In February

The Pregnancy Companion, A Faith-Based Book For Expectant Women Hits Shelves In February;
Book Authored By Jessica Wolstenholm, Dr. Heather Rupe

NEWS SOURCE: Vining Media
Nashville, TN – January 18, 2011 – Jessica Wolstenholm and Dr. Heather Rupe are releasing their book, The Pregnancy Companion: A Faith-Filled Guide for Your Journey to Motherhood (978-0-89112-000-1, $14.99) this February. The book unites a doctor’s counsel with a girlfriend’s wisdom to create an informational yet inspirational resource for the abundant needs during a woman’s pregnancy. The Pregnancy Companion will be available courtesy of Leafwood Publishing.

The idea for a faith-based pregnancy book came to Wolstenholm halfway through her own pregnancy. She realized that, although she rushed to every book sitting on her bookshelf each time she encountered a question or a scary symptom, she found that the information there, while accurate, usually led to further questions or deeper fear without the comfort she needed. Fortunately for Wolstenholm, she had the benefit of Dr. Heather Rupe, a Christian Obstetrician and close friend, who answered her every question with the utmost honesty and accuracy and always included assurance that God was involved in every moment.

“After experiencing several years of infertility and miscarriages, I personally needed a resource that would balance practical information with faith and reassurance when I was pregnant,” states Wolstenholm. “I also believed there were many other women out there who could benefit from such a guide. Our hope is that The Pregnancy Companion will feed the expectant mother’s craving for information while offering her spiritual guidance and peace throughout her own unique journey.”
The book contains the same quality medical information as other pregnancy books on the market yet it is infused with thought-provoking and spiritual messages. The Pregnancy Companion is organized to follow an expectant mother’s OB appointment schedule and to equip them for a faith-filled journey through an informed and joyful pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Companion not only provides the necessary medical information in an easy to understand, accurate, and reassuring format, but also provides lots of entertaining stories along the way,” explains Dr. Rupe. “I drew upon my years of personal interactions with expectant mothers and upon my faith to address the most common questions and causes of unnecessary anxiety that can occur during pregnancy. My prayer is that this book will enable women to enjoy as much of their pregnancy as possible, relishing the hope that is growing inside them, and not be deprived of their peace by unnecessary fears.”

While Jessica Wolstenholm’s sensibilities as a new mom make the content relatable and Dr. Heather Rupe provides the medical experience and expertise, The Pregnancy Companion is continually relevant and the opportunities are endless for its reach.

You can read more from the authors at

Dr. Heather Rupe and Jessica Wolstenholm

JESSICA WOLSTENHOLM currently serves as Senior Brand Manager at Creative Trust in Nashville, Tennessee. With over ten years experience in the music and publishing industries, Wolstenholm has been named one of Billboard Magazine’s Top 30 Executives under 30. Her passion for ministering to mothers-to-be comes after struggling with infertility and multiple pregnancy losses. She resides in Nolensville, Tennessee with her husband and little girl.

HEATHER RUPE, D.O. is board certied with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Rupe graduated from Oral Roberts University and completed medical school at Oklahoma State University. She has been an OB/GYN for six years and has delivered over one thousand babies. She is a partner at Womens Group of Franklin and chairman of the perinatal department at Williamson Medical Center located in Franklin, Tennessee, where she resides with her husband and two sons.

Top 10 Worst Baby Bathtime Moments

So, it has occurred to me recently, that the most practical place to blog from is my cell phone. In this day & age with Smart phones and all, I feel like I should take advantage of this amazing piece of technology right in the palm of my hand. Not to mention, my husband John did suggest that it would probably work great for me. ;o)

Now that my little boy, Will is 3 months old, & we have had quite a few baths together at this point… I feel like I would like to welcome 2011 with my Top 10 Worst Bath Moments. They will be ranked so that number 1 is the worst bath moment of 2010.

10. As soon as his little body touched the water, he started screaming and he didn’t stop for the entire duration of the bath?!
9. Projectile pee that sprayed everywhere – dousing the bath wall, myself, and several clean towels
8. Realizing I forgot to bring any bibs in the bathroom for after the bath, and my little guy is quite the spitter, so he spit up all over his clean towels.
7. Trying to take a picture of his adorable face and having a near miss with dropping our brand new digital camera in the bath water! (thank goodness for the safety wrist strap!)
6. Having him spit up into the bath water
5. Having him poop into the bath water?!
4. Brushing his hair after a bath and discovering he has a bit of “cradle cap” – flakes of dry skin that went everywhere
3. Trying to change his diaper while he was sprawled out on my lap, smiling & kicking his legs like a maniac – not to mention I had no wipes?!
2. Having him spit up so badly all over my bathroom floor and all over myself AND himself – that I literally put him back in his bathtub for another bath!

And the absolute worst bath moment of 2010 is…
1. When Will reminded me how crucial it is to put a diaper on him immediately after his bath, by pooping through FOUR layers of clean towels while lounging in his Bouncer seat! Luckily all I could do was laugh! ;o)

I do realize that there will be many more opportunities for far worse bath moments as Will continues to get older & more creative (Please share yours on this blog!), so allow this list to stand as my newborn version.

And for all those of you who brave the world of parenting… Happy bathing to one and all!

Will’s very first bath – October 30, 2010

…and many bath times later! – January 19, 2011

My lesson

What I pictured in buying the Playmobil Nativity scene was a nice way to perpetuate the true meaning of Christmas.  “Why dearest mommy, I see the baby Jesus and I am filled with the glory of his birth,” Ethan would say after opening the box.  We would sit down together and talk about who the figures were and what lead them to be together on that very special day.  I would gaze upon my own angels as they shared the beauty of the birth of our savior.  Magical.

What I got was much different.  “Stop tearing off Joseph’s head.”  “Do not put that Shepard down your pants.”  “That is not a girl with a tea kettle, it is the Wise-man with Frankincense .”  These were the phrases that erupted from my mouth.  Arwen was stealing Mary, Ethan was hording the manger, I’m pretty sure the dog was chewing on one of the Wise-man’s staffs.  “Put down Jesus! Step away from Jesus! You do not deserve to have Jesus,” I finally muttered.  Oh there was gazing alright.  Gazing in horror. Opening that box was about as magical as as a town plundering.

Chaos did eventually calm, as it always does.  And, after a bit of lecture and a sprinkling of discipline our nativity has now reached a level of peace.  Everyone has remained clothed with heads for some days now.

The crazy thing is, what started as an attempt to teach… actually taught more than intended.

Seeing them made me think… I am guilty of often fumbling with my FAITH.  Ignoring the proper care that IT deserves.  Often I do not deserve Jesus either.  But, after a bit of self lecture and a sprinkling of disciplined bible study I manage to reach a level of peace too.

We all have lessons to learn.  Some may be to not put the angel’s halo in your mouth… mine was to respect my faith.

The Maiden Voyage of the Moses Basket

Yesterday we embarked on the maiden voyage of the Moses basket!!!  For those of you wondering, this did not involve me putting Will in the stereotypical baby basket and sending him down the Lehigh River … it did however, involve that I got the beautiful basket out of the corner of Will’s nursery where it had been patiently waiting for its first use.  I guess my thoughts began with thinking … well, I might as well try this now before he gets too big and can no longer fit into it.  I then considered, that if he screams and cries and the attempt becomes yet another failed positioning item that meant to quiet and soothe him, but instead sends him into a screaming rage … at least we would know the outcome of what would happen if we just give it a try.

My plan was to have Will in our office, where John spends countless hours of his days working on his websites – and this new little bundle of joy,  ;o)  I guess my goal was to occupy the open counter top-like space on John’s elaborate desk, where I could spread out all my thank you notes and try to make some sense of them.  Although I was able to send out almost all of the thank you notes for items that were given to us for Will before he was born … I seem to find myself struggling with getting the thank you notes done for items that were given to us for him after his birth.  Perhaps this is because it requires me to now be caring for him endlessly through the many hours in a day when I think I used to have “down time” in my life.  I guess it is simply a mommyhood wake-up call that I have been ignoring … but, I think my tank of “down time” has long been on E.  Therefore, the need arises in my life, for ways that I can safely put Will down in “something” … whether it be his crib, our couch, his swing, changing table, Newborn napper, or now the possibility of using the Moses basket, hoping that he will be content enough in any one of these positioning devices for a long enough amount of time that would allow for me to get something done.  Usually, this might be for me to take a shower, go to the bathroom, or try to have something to eat … but today, it was for the reason of me trying to work on my thank you notes project.

I also was hoping to initiate the Moses basket in our office, because the room is somewhat limiting to where I can put Will, leaving the only available place in either the arms of John or myself. So, I momentarily put Will down on the spare bed in his nursery, where I have been sleeping most nights in an attempt to care for his breast feeding needs to the best of my ability.  By keeping myself in such close vicinity to him, I am so much more able to hear his subtle cries of hunger, instead of being totally removed from him and relying on a video monitor to wake me out of a sound sleep when he has already completely lost it.

Preparing the Moses basket was not too difficult, because the previous owner who passed it down to me included a beautiful padded bumper ruffle inside the basket complete with a mini mattress pad for comfort.  My challenge was to attempt to cover these precious items in order to prevent Will’s lovely regurgitated breast milk from baptizing the pretty white linens.  I simply tried to put a few blankets under him and around him so that he would feel cozy in a new environment while at the same time, making sure the basket linens were somewhat protected.

Surprisingly enough, Will did not protest too badly when I finally was able to place him in the Moses basket.  It was after I had been holding him in a side-lying cradle position in my arms, similar to a breast feeding position of “tummy-to-tummy” or what is otherwise known as the standard across the tummy position for feeding.  So, I figured I would attempt to put him down in the basket with him remaining on his side, hoping to imitate the position that was working well already.  I figured if I lay him down on his back, it might be too much of a change, that would add to the stress of already trying something very new.  Believe it or not, I next heard this little voice inside my head that said, “you should now try to swing him a little bit while he is in the basket.”  One thing that I have definitely learned as a new mom, is you really want to go with these little voices when you hear them … because they usually ultimately never let you down!  ;o)

I began the swinging of the basket with him in it, made possible by the sturdy woven dual handles on the side of the basket.  Within a few minutes of the peaceful rocking motion, I could not believe what I was seeing.  My eyes told me that his eyes were actually starting to close!  Could this be possible???  I was tickled with the idea of this basket being so successful upon it’s maiden voyage!  I continued the rocking motion of the basket until I felt fairly safe with his intensity of sleepiness.  And what followed after that fun swing for me, which also seemed to give my right arm a bit of a work out … resulted in well over an hour of blissful sleep for my now 2-month-old son.  ;o)

I not only was able to get what seemed like a lot accomplished with my thank you notes project, but I realized that this saving grace Moses basket is also portable!  I was able to bring Will down into our kitchen with me while I completed some simple chores like emptying our dishwasher, and filling it up again – which mind you, is rather difficult when you are trying to hold a little person at the same time.  I also was amazed at the ability for me to simply use the tapping action of my foot to gently rock the basket whenever he would stir.  This calming motion was enough to help him get back to sleep.  I couldn’t be happier!!!  :o)  Not only was I getting things done around our house, he was also sound asleep in this miracle basket!

My next thought that came to mind, was my wanting to share this new development with John.  I was sincerely hoping that he, too would be equally amazed at how much Will appeared to love this new option for us to be able to put him down in a safe place.  I was also kinda hoping John would realize that this is yet another possibility that might actually allow us to spend more time together, which has been very challenging to put it plainly since the addition of Will to our family.  Without John knowing anything about me trying the basket out for the first time, I thought it might be cute to try to surprise him with my accomplishment by placing the basket down with Will sleeping in it right next to his chair in the office.  I will never forget the look of amazement on John’s face when he slightly turned his chair around to see his adorable sleeping son in this beautiful basket beside him.  It was a true moment of success for us as new parents!!!  ;o)

Not only was the Moses basket extremely useful for Will’s afternoon nap, it was put back into action later on at night when John and I were attempting to have dinner while watching a movie.  I was determined to have Will asleep and in his crib before John came home with our take-out Chinese food dinner.  But, alas, I continue to be unrealistically optimistic at times about how I can dictate the behavior of a baby.  Will definitely has a mind of his own, and his decision last night was not to peacefully fall asleep in his crib like a good little angel.  Instead, he was restless, and perhaps just wanted to spend some more time with Mommy and Daddy.  Regardless, I was not going to continue my struggle with him in the nursery trying to get him to fall asleep when he was dead set against it.  So, into the Moses basket he went, and down to the living room we went to join John, patiently waiting to start the movie.  The result was that the miracle basket had worked again!  Within about the next hour, he finally was able to fall asleep, with the gentle rocking of the basket with my foot.  It terrified me to think that I might have otherwise spent over an hour in his nursery with him and me getting more and more frustrated with his resistance to sleep.  Fortunately, John and I were actually able to eat our dinner together, while it was still hot, and while enjoying one of our favorite past times … watching a movie together.  My prayers tonight before I go to bed, will definitely include how incredibly thankful I am for this new way of us being able to put Will down while still being around us.  The Moses basket is truly a heavenly blessing!  ;o)