SOURCE: Turning Point PR
BURBANK, Calif.—Today’s highly anticipated release of God’s Truth, Volume 4 of Whitestone Media’s popular Theo animated series, brings with it powerful new teaching tools that help parents convey the truths of faith and the importance of prayer to their children.

Who is Theo? He’s a kindly English pastor full of wise words that communicate—and simplify—the often difficult messages of the Bible for young minds. Assisting Theo are two mischievous mice, Luther and Belfry, who also provide comic relief. The animation, writing, direction, music and overall entertainment value set a new standard for presenting biblical Truth to children and families.

Previous DVDs in the series have featured such episodes as “Redemption,” “Saving Faith” and “Loving Obedience.” Volume 4, God’s Truth, contains three new episodes: “Abiding in Christ” teaches that abiding in Christ is a lot like imitating Him; “Light Unto My Path” teaches that the world is spiritually dark, and without a light we’d trip over spiritual obstacles and wouldn’t know which way to walk; and “What is the Church?” teaches that the Church is inclusive of people from all nations, races, and ethnicities and is the Body of believers worshipping God and sharing the love of Christ together.

God’s Truth also breaks fresh ground in the series by including the newly minted Home Edition. While the animated lessons entertain and educate children about God’s Word, the Home Edition includes a Parent’s Guide designed to promote quality family devotional time together.

After viewing the video, the Parent’s Guide helps parents introduce questions to stimulate discussion with their children concerning the topics they’ve just watched. There are also fun family activities, suggested Scripture readings, and a closing prayer to finish the Bible study. Nightly devotionals are included to help underscore the lessons of each episode, making them fun to learn and easy to remember.

“A family’s involvement in Bible study is key for a child’s spiritual development,” says creator Mike Joens, “and Theo: God’s Truth Home Edition caters to this very purpose. I truly hope it will help parents and instructors teach children the many wonders found in God’s Word, so that they may better know the awesome God we serve.”

A Whitestone Media release, Theo: God’s Truth Home Edition retails for $14.99. Distributed by EMI CMG Distribution, the DVD is available online and at leading Christian retailers nationwide. For more information, visit

Big Idea Presents the VeggieTales Live! Happy Birthday Bob & Larry Tour Beginning March 1!








A One-Of-A-Kind Celebration For 20 Years Of Silliness, Stories and Songs

VeggieTales Birthday

SOURCE: Hoganson Media

FRANKLIN, TN (February 4, 2013) — Big Idea Entertainment, a leading studio and producer of children’s and family programming, characters and brands, announced today the official tour dates for their brand-new VeggieTales Live! Happy Birthday Bob & Larry tour. The show will run in over 35 major markets nationwide this spring including Nashville, TN, Kansas City, MO, Atlanta, GA, Birmingham, AL, Tallahassee, FL, Fort Myers, FL and more, in addition to a seven-day tour run in Canada. For the current tour itinerary, ticket information and group sales, please visit or


It’s a very Veggie birthday, and you are invited! Join Bob and Larry and the entire VeggieTales® crew as they put on the biggest birthday party ever celebrating VeggieTales’ 20 years of stories, songs and fun. The show is filled with silly song favorites and memorable entertainment for the whole family! You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind celebration! The tour will feature fan-favorite songs like “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything,” “His Cheeseburger,” “I Love My Lips,” “Song of the Cebu,” “The Hairbrush Song,” “Monkey” and “God is Bigger than the Boogie-Man.”


“This super special VeggieTales production is a must-see show for children and their entire family,” said Leslie Ferrell, General Manager of Big Idea Entertainment. “Bob, Larry and the VeggieTales crew will be there to help us celebrate 20 years of hilarious stories, silly songs and lessons to live by. You’re invited to come be a part of all of fun with us!”


World Vision® has partnered with Big Idea Entertainment as a sponsor for the VeggieTales Live! Happy Birthday Bob & Larry tour. Through World Vision’s child sponsorship efforts, countless lives have changed for children and their whole communities by providing access to necessities like clean water, health care, education and much more.


About Big Idea Entertainment 

Big Idea Entertainment is celebrating 20 years as a leading studio and producer of children’s and family programming, characters and brands. Big Idea’s best-selling series VeggieTales® is a one of the most recognized brands in the US with moms of pre-schoolers*.  Since 1993, VeggieTales® has sold 60+ million videos, 13 million books and more than 7 million CDs.  VeggieTales® and Big Idea’s property, 3-2-1 Penguins!®,enjoyed four seasons as top-rated series on NBC Saturday mornings, Telemundo and ION TV.  The studio’s two theatrical releases, Lionsgate’s Jonah-A VeggieTales Movie® (2002), and Universal Pictures’ The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything®-A VeggieTales Movie® (2008), are distinguished among the most successful faith-based films of all time. Big Idea also maintains an extensive presence in publishing, licensing and live entertainment arenas. For more information on Big Idea, visit:

*Spring 2012 Q-Score

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VeggieTales Celebrates Easter with The Little House That Stood DVD Adventure!

VeggieTales® Celebrates Easter With A Brand-New Building Adventure!


The Wise and Foolish Builders Meet The Three Little Pigs

In A Hilarious Veggie Parable


VeggieTales®: The Little House That Stood DVD Launch

Supported by Extensive Marketing, Promotional and Licensing Campaign


SOURCE: Hoganson Media

FRANKLIN, TN (January 30, 2013) — Big Idea Entertainment, a leading studio and producer of children’s and family programming, characters and brands, announced today they will release an all-new DVD title, VeggieTales®: The Little House That Stood on March 2 and March 5, 2013 in Christian and general markets stores respectively, just in time for the Easter season.


VeggieTales®: The Little House That Stood features a cast of many fan-favorite VeggieTales® characters including Bob, Larry, Junior Asparagus, The French Peas, Madame Blueberry and others.  For the first time ever, this DVD parodies beloved nursery rhymes, with a signature VeggieTales® twist.  Families will enjoy learning the Biblical story of the wise and foolish builders made understandable for kids based on Matthew 7:24-27, making it a delightful addition to a child’s Easter basket.  Additionally, the story of “Humpty Dumpty” is hilariously re-told around the good neighbor parable in “The Good Egg of Gooseville,” inspired by Luke 10:27-37, the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  The DVD also features a brand-new Silly Song, “Happy Tooth Day,” and “The History of Mother Goose” bonus features among others.


“We can’t wait to share The Little House That Stood with VeggieTales® fans and their families this Easter and spring season,” said Laura Neutzling, Director of Marketing at Big Idea Entertainment. “The title helps teach an important lesson about making good choices and being a good neighbor. It also shows us what can happen if we choose to follow the wise plans God has for each of us in the ‘Master Builder’s Handbook.’ We invite you to join us for this VeggieTales® action-packed adventure that’s also full of silliness and fun!”


A comprehensive marketing, advertising and licensing campaign supports The VeggieTales®: The Little House That Stood. Promotional partners include Chuck E. Cheese’s® with in-store video monitor clips, Big Boy® Restaurants with special kid’s menus and placements.   Non-profit partner Focus on the Family® is also working with Big Idea on initiatives that help teach families and children the importance of building their lives on a solid foundation.


DVD Synopsis

When the Three Little Pigs roll into Cabbageville looking to build some new houses, they meet one builder with a plan and two without a clue!  Larry builds with hay, Mr. Lunt with bricks, but only Bob builds his houses on a firm foundation – following the wise plans from the “Master Builder’s Handbook!”  Will the Little Piggies make the right choices when it comes to building their houses – and their lives – on solid ground?  Find out in this parable that shows kids when they follow God’s blueprints, they can stand strong when the storms come!


PLUS!  Ever wonder what happened before Humpty cracked?  Find out in this very Veggie retelling of the classic Humpty Dumpty story, “The Good Egg of Gooseville,” where we learn that a good neighbor always “lends a little hand” to those in need!


Advertising, Radio, TV and Online Support

The title’s marketing and advertising campaign includes extensive print, radio, and online advertising, as well as social media promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube and interactions with mom and parenting bloggers. Street level promotions with close to 300 members of the VeggieTales Ambassador team are also slated to take place this spring.


Promotional Partners

Chuck E. Cheese’s® will run indoor advertising on closed-circuit televisions at over 500 locations. Clips from the Little House That Stood DVD and the Silly Song “Happy Tooth Day” will play in their birthday party areas.


Exclusive VeggieTales®: The Little House That Stood Kid’s placements will be available at Big Boy® Restaurantsspring 2013.


Safeway™ stores will offer customers a free package of Capri Sun® SuperV when they purchase The Little House that Stood DVD.


Retail Promotions

Christian retail stores will offer a $10 mail in rebate when customers purchase both The VeggieTales Bible (NIRV) from Zondervan® and The Little House That Stood DVD.   In addition to the DVD and the Bible, the floor display will also include Veggie Easter Egg Coloring Kits and A Very Veggie Easter Collection, featuring two Veggie Easter movies on DVD and two compilations of Easter and worship songs on CD.


Non-Profit Partners

Big Idea Entertainment has teamed up with Focus on the Family® for a Discussion Guide that is part of the Little House DVD.  Focus on the Family® will promote the release through their various channels including online initiatives and in Clubhouse Jr.® Magazine. Long-term partner World Vision® will also promote the DVD in the World Vision Spring Gift Catalog.


About VeggieTales: The Little House That Stood

Not Rated-48 minutes Color-5.1 Surround Sound-English & Spanish Subtitles Close-Captioned

Full Screen & Widescreen Versions

DVD UPC Codes CBA: 82041328999 $14.99 (through Word Distribution) and GM: 037117063437 $14.97


About Big Idea Entertainment 

Big Idea Entertainment is celebrating 20 years as a leading studio and producer of children’s and family programming, characters and brands. Big Idea’s best-selling series VeggieTales® is a one of the most recognized brands in the US with moms of pre-schoolers*.  Since 1993, VeggieTales® has sold 60+ million videos, 13 million books and more than 7 million CDs.  VeggieTales® and Big Idea’s property, 3-2-1 Penguins!®, enjoyed four seasons as top-rated series on NBC Saturday mornings, Telemundo and ION TV.  The studio’s two theatrical releases, Lionsgate’s Jonah-A VeggieTales Movie® (2002), and Universal Pictures’ The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything®-A VeggieTales Movie® (2008), are distinguished among the most successful faith-based films of all time. Big Idea also maintains an extensive presence in publishing, licensing and live entertainment arenas. For more information on Big Idea, visit:

*Spring 2012 Q-Score

January 24, 2013 Journal Entry

Will’s speech and comprehension of seemingly random things keeps amping up. Just the other night, we were out at a diner and he was holding a toy and suddenly raised it in the air and declared “Up!” And put it down and proclaimed, “Down!” And, I forget what the objects were (butter packets?), but he literally counted out the quantity of them on the table (2 or 3), which was cool because I know he can count from 1 to 20, but it’s exciting to see he understands –at least somewhat– how counting works!

Even as I write this, we are watching classic Donald Duck cartoons and when one ended, he ran up to me and said “More peez!” (and he just a second ago did the sign language sign for “more” while saying it — but the attempt at “please” is a new thing.

This was fascinating to me too: I hung up a piece of art I bought recently on eBay in my office yesterday and had to take down a different framed photo. I left it on a desk near the doorway and he saw it today and said “book!” and I said, “No, Will, it’s not a book, it’s actually a picture! It’s a photograph!” He then tried to open it, but then abandoned that when I emphasized it was a picture and proceeded to prop it up on a CD rack nearby and walk away…! That was definitely a first that I’ve seen.

It’s really quite neat to witness his various developments!

The Journal Approach

I think one thing that has stalled updates on this site is the self-inflicted “pressure” of blogs or articles needing to feel entertaining enough to read. Most bloggers take this approach but what I think I’d like to do instead is…

take the journal approach.

You see, our little 2 year old has been a little slow at learning to talk but he’s been picking up more and more words now quite speedily. He can say the most heartbreaking (and oddly high-voiced) “Buh-bye!!” when you’re leaving and a little “hi” … When he feels like it. He also loves the word “cookie” and often commands “More!… More!More!More!” when one cartoon ends and he wants another to begin.

What Will doesn’t do much of… Is string words together in a sentence or short phrase.

On Thursday, January 10 (2013), my mom was packing up the little man for a visit to her house (from our house) — and for a much needed date night for Amy and I — when I plopped him into his car seat in her car and said goodbye. I kissed his cheek a few times and said bye and he muttered a couple “Buh-bye!’s” before turning away and saying “Buh-bye Daddy!”

My heart melted.

Tonight (the 11th), Amy was picking up his train collection as he ran around the living room, and she told him to “say night night to your trains!”

Will responded “Night night twains!” A couple times before adding “night night daddy!!”

Heart melted again.

It’s a more recent thing that he calls me Daddy–and I love it– and on Christmas Eve, his present to me was another “first” for him.

I was standing in the outer sink room of Amy’s parents’ bathroom, washing my hands, when he simply walked in, said “Hi Daddy” and left.

It floored me.

He has only done that once more to this day and it was the following morning on Christmas Day while I was in my office. So awesome.

It’s so neat to see these little “baby steps”…
– John


Real-life Special Needs Families Featured in New Music Video

Real-life Special Needs Families Featured
in New Music Video

SOURCE: Adams Group

Nashville, TN —Top 40 Billboard artist Jennifer Shaw debuted her latest music video from her new album, Someday, this past weekend on Focus on the Family’s “I Am Pro-Life” Facebook page to over half a million followers.  Produced and directed by Jeffrey Kubach whose credits include the hit television shows “Survivor” and “Burn Notice,” the video of the song “Your Child” features real-life photos and videos of special needs families from across the country.  Shaw, whose own son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, invited special needs parents via her website and social networks to send in their photos and stories.  Shaw says the response was overwhelming.

“I was truly astonished at the number of photos we received,” says Shaw.  “We read so many heart-wrenching stories and I wish all of them could have been included in the final edit.  It is our hope that this video will show people that children with special needs are not burdens; they are valued gifts of life that deserve to be treated with respect.  We wrote this song especially for the parents of special needs kids who sacrifice so much to make their children’s lives happy and productive.”

Shaw’s son, Toby, was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder(SPD) at an early age which is chronicled in Shaw’s first book, Life Not Typical: How Special Needs Parenting Changed my Faith and my Song.  SPD is closely aligned with autism in that every autistic child has some form of SPD. In many cases, SPD is misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD. One study estimated that 1 in 20 children in the U.S. are affected by the disorder. Shaw’s book was recently added to the Resource Library of Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization. Shaw will be a special guest on the Family Life Today radio show in the coming weeks as well as being featured on Insight for Living Ministries.

Shaw’s new CD, Someday, has already birthed three music videos, including a song entitled “To Be Love” which is being used as a theme song by Remember Nhu, an organization that exists to prevent the exploitation of children in the sex trade industry throughout the world.  Shaw wrote the song after traveling to Thailand to visit young girls rescued by Remember Nhu.  

With degrees in both piano and vocal performance, Shaw completed her graduate work in opera performance at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music.  A former professor at Cedarville University, Shaw has garnered a #3 hit song on the national Inspirational radio charts.  For more information on Jennifer Shaw and to view the “Your Child” video, visit


The direct URL of the “Your Child” video on YouTube is:

DEEP FRIED MANNA Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Create Apps for Christian Kids

Deep Fried Manna


Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund New

App for Smartphones and Tablets


Industry Veterans Unite to Create Groundbreaking

Faith-based Apps, Games and Interactive Books for Kids

SOURCE: Frontgate Media

Los Angeles, CA –After experiencing the need firsthand for quality Christian apps directed at inspiring and entertaining kids, Emmy Award Winning Creative Director Jeff Matsuda and technology industry veteran Mike Su have launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund DEEP FRIED MANNA.  As the name implies, Deep Fried Manna seeks to create innovative and fun apps that teach Biblical values by using games and stories.


Matsuda, who won an Emmy for his work as Producer and Creative Director of The Batman cartoon series, realized the need for products like this right in his own home.  “We as parents realized that when given a choice, our kids were increasingly choosing their iPads over traditional TV,” explains Matsuda, the 42-year-old father of three, “yet there were so few apps out there that taught them about God.”


While taking the idea to Silicon Valley technology investors seemed inviting, the business realized that they needed to reach out to others who share the same values. “Crowd sourced funding seemed to make more sense,” explains Su, who is also a father of three.  “We’re reaching out for funding directly to parents who have been seeking this content since most traditional investors don’t understand the need. This is about making our voices heard, and letting the world know there is a market for quality faith based apps.”


To showcase the level of talent surrounding the project, Deep Fried Manna has already launched one free app for the iPhone and iPad called “Noah’s Weather.”   Based on the Noah’s Ark story, Noah’s Weather, delivers daily and extended forecasts with mini-games, a daily Bible verse and a six page kid-friendly storybook.


In the coming months, Deep Fried Manna will be launching the first of several interactive storybooks based on two characters, Rex and Rooty.  The debut story introduces Rex, a bright young boy, who has a floating plant friend named Rooty.  Rooty has the ability to generate seeds.  Some seeds produce giant beanstalks, while others are tiny mustard seeds.  Each adventure takes them to different lands where they encounter new friends, and the occasional scary enemy.  These stories act as parables to teach children about having a personal relationship with God.


The Kickstarter campaign’s goal is to reach $150,000, which includes budgets for art, development, animation, production support, marketing, sound and music and Kickstarter Rewards.  For a $5 Kickstarter commitment, supporters will receive the app, free of charge.  From there, levels of rewards include being in a music video, custom art, iPhone cases, avatars and a signed Jeremy Lin basketball jersey.


With nearly 2 billion Christians around the world, the lack of technology friendly for Christian children indicates a market desperate for quality products.


An incredible lineup of Christian leaders are supporting the campaign, including NBA star Jeremy Lin, pastor Craig Groeschel, author of Crazy Love Francis Chan, NEWSONG Church pastor Dave Gibbons, and nearly a dozen more featured on the campaign’s Kickstarter page.


“The need couldn’t be any more obvious and urgent,” says Dave Gibbons, the pastor of the 2,000-member NEWSONG church in Irvine, CA, who also signed up as a partner at Deep Fried Manna. “We have an entire generation growing up on these new platforms, but we aren’t meeting them there.


“The global nature of the AppStore also means there are opportunities to spread the Gospel around the world in ways that could have never been done before, and we as Christians need to be out on the forefront of that.”


About Deep Fried Manna

Deep Fried Manna is a Los Angeles based mobile app studio focused on creating high quality, biblically grounded content to help kids learn about God in fun, accessible and entertaining ways. Founded by a team of veterans from the tech and entertainment worlds, Deep Fried Manna seeks to always deliver eye-popping art, with engaging stories grounded in God’s word.


Kickstarter Campaign:





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Site for Christian Teens Sees Impressive Growth and Attracts Attention of National Clothing Store Chain

Innovative Site for Christian Teen Girls Sees Impressive Growth, Creates New Interactive Content, and Captures Attention of the National Clothing Store Chain


KOHL’s Stores Offer Special Savings for the Audience

SOURCE: Frontgate Media

Los Angeles, CA – is quickly becoming the fastest growing Internet communities for Christian tween and teen girls.  The site’s incredible reach and one-on-one engagement has now captured the attention of KOHL’s department stores who are now offering the Project Inspired audience special discounts on the website.


Created by model and activist Nicole Weider, the site has been seeing an impressive growth over the past months, with almost 1,000 teens registering as Project Inspired Girls on the site in October.  Project Inspired has a highly engaged audience with a fast-growing membership of almost 10,000 members, 35,000 Facebook friends and 80,000 monthly site visits. Project Inspired Girls participate in Girl Talk chats, video chats and even a Project Inspired Book Club.


This month, the Project Inspired Book Club is featuring the book “God Loves Ugly” by Christa Black.  As a special feature, girls who participate this week in the website’s very popular Me Without Makeup section will automatically be entered to win a copy of “God Loves Ugly” as well as a CD from Christa.  Past books have included “Waiting for Mr. Right,” “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” and “Pilgrim’s Progress.”


One of the qualities truly unique to the site is the extensive content that is created by the girls themselves.  Every Monday and Thursday, there is a live Bible Study hosted by girls who are active on the site.  Daily, girls are able to post photos of themselves into the Me Without Makeup campaign where they encourage each other and share positive statements about each other’s unadorned beauty.  New to the site is The Inspiration Wall, where girls can post photos, designs, quotes and images that capture what inspires the girls to live faith-filled lives.


In November, the readers will continue to take the reigns on content as well, as the site will be hosting a contest where girls are able to share their own relationship wisdom in articles meant to encourage, inspire and support each other.  Each week, a different user-created article will be chosen to post, and the writer will be awarded a $25 gift card to


This community based, user-generated model has certainly met a much-desired need for this demographic. Teens are meeting the needs of each other, encouraging and inspiring their community to lead faith-filled lives of purpose.


“This is just what we were hoping would become, a community of young women who support and encourage each other to live Godly lives of purpose,” explains Nicole. “Hearing directly from the girls has been inspirational to me as well.  We’re becoming a big family, and I’m honored and humbled to have so many sisters to share life with!”


Past articles written by Project Inspired girls:

What Does Your Name Mean?

You Don’t Have to Prove Your Love

8 Ways to Deal with Stress

You Don’t Have to be Perfect to Set the World on Fire for God was created with Mind Over Media, L.L.C., a full-service, cross-platform content development and media packaging company.


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New Children's Album Records a "First"

New Children’s Album Records a “First”

SOURCE: Adams Group

Nashville, TN -Cedarmont Kids® has announced the release of the 46th album in their multi-million-selling series.   The new CD, Gospel Sunday School Songs, features 15 Gospel classics and spirituals, including Free At Last , a song made famous in the iconic Martin Luther King, Jr. speech in 1963.  According to the label, this album marks the first time Free At Last has been featured on any children’s recording project.  Since its founding nearly 20 years ago, Cedarmont Kids has sold over 21 million albums and garnered numerous Platinum and Gold certifications for both its audio and video titles.  Mike and Sue Gay, owners of the Cedarmont label, say this new project was of special significance.

“We spent several years researching songs for this new release, looking for special ‘jewels’ from the African-American church,” says Sue. “We fell in love with songs like My Soul Is a Witness For My Lord, Guide My Feet, and The Welcome Table.  Then one day, we came across Free At Last and were so moved.  Immediately, we knew that it needed to be on the CD so that kids could learn this wonderful song.”

Gospel Sunday School Songs was recorded in Cedarmont’s state-of-the-art studio, using some of the most sought-after musicians in Nashville. “I think this is the best CD we’ve ever done,” says Mike. “The players were fantastic, and Sue directed the kids in the choir to sing with authenticity and energy. To top it off, we were blessed to work with some talented young soloists like MaKenzie McGuire and Quintavious Johnson.” Johnson, age 10 (pictured above), is a frequent soloist in his hometown of Franklin, Tennessee and recently won first place in the Fourth Annual Demi Lobo national talent contest held in Chicago. Johnson won first place in the Most Talented Under 12 competition, beating out 25 other finalists from nine states. “He blew us away with his talent and spirit,” Mike adds.

Cedarmont has built a broad customer base by focusing on well-known classic songs and selling their products at affordable prices. Their diversified catalog now features 46 CDs on five labels:
Cedamont Kids® Classics
Cedarmont Kids Gospel®
Cedarmont Niños®
Cedarmont Baby®
Cedarmont Worship for Kids®

Fifteen of these titles were Spanish releases. They have also developed a series of eleven DVDs, which are live-action, sing-along versions of the audio recordings.

During the production of Gospel Sunday School Songs, Mike shared a story his grandfather told him about growing up in rural southern Georgia where the family traveled to church in a horse-drawn wagon. During bad weather, they would often worship at an African-American church that was much closer to their home. They were always made to feel welcome, even during the tense years of segregation.

“It was not uncommon back then,” explains Mike, “for white families to visit African-American churches, even though it was a segregated society.  As a result of their fellowship, many wonderful spirituals were transplanted and became well-known in churches of all denominations.  We hope this new CD will enable people to share these special songs with today’s children so that there will be a renewed spirit of sharing and fellowship to a whole new generation.”