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Back by popular demand, The Baby Einstein Company will be releasing nine of its most popular videos to market as individual DVDs on Tuesday, February 7th.  These fan-favorite DVDs help provide today’s parents and caregivers with compelling content that engage babies and provides meaningful ways to spend time together.


The DVDs can be found at stores across the U.S. and Canada only and/or at and retail for the suggested price of $14.99 U.S./$16.99 Canada.

The nine titles are as follows:

•           Baby Lullaby – Take your baby on a soothing journey with classical lullabies by Bach, Brahms and Mozart. Enjoy relaxing ocean waves,sweet puppet shows, and tranquil images. From fun time to rest time, Baby Lullaby is the perfect way to spend special time with your baby.

•           Baby Beethoven – Parent and baby can listen to the joyous sounds and cherished works of Beethoven. See how music celebrates the sounds of different instruments.Together, they will experience a world of enchanting sights and sounds and make new discoveries with Baby Beethoven.

•           Baby Mozart – Parent and baby will discover the joy of classical music together and listen to Mozart’s popular works – including “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” – delightfully re-orchestrated for little ears. They’ll look at real-life images and enchanting puppet shows bringing a symphony of sights and sounds together as they share new discoveries with Baby Mozart.

•           Neptune’s Oceans – Dive in with your little explorer for a voyage of undersea discovery! Journey across Neptune’s Oceans to encounter amazing marine life in their natural habitats. Penguins, whales, dolphins, sea lions and crabs come to life in engaging musical portraits. Together, you and your baby will ride a tide of fun as you explore this wondrous new world!

•           Wild Animal Safari – Parents can take their little explorer on an exotic musical expedition to meet wild animals from across the globe. Together, they’ll journey to the jungle, savanna, desert and forest on a wild, wonderful voyage of discovery with Wild Animal Safari.

•           Animals Around Me – Parent and child set off on a fun-filled “field trip” to discover animals found at the park, on the farm, and in their own backyard – whether furry or feathered, winged or wiggly, bumpy or cuddly, they’ll explore the Animals Around Me.

•           World of Rhythm – Your little one will want to keep a beat, snap his fingers and march his feet! Join characters Pillie, the musical woodpecker, and Coco, the dancing cockatoo, and share the excitement of rhythm with your baby. World of Rhythm explores rhythm in music, rhythm in nature and rhythm as a form of expression. It’s a fun way to encourage children to express themselves through singing, dancing, clapping and playing!

•           World of Colors – Parent and child share a rainbow of sights and sounds and discover the wonders of color together! They’ll join puppet host “Vincent Van Goat” as he creates six Van Gogh masterpieces exploring red, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple with World of Colors.

•           World of Words – Parent and child join playful puppet host Bard the Dragon on an exciting adventure using everyday words, such as flower, cat, and moon, plus beautiful scenery from nature with World of Words.


The Art of Distraction (Product Suggestions)

So, I’m well into the swing of baby daddy duty (AKA I’m Mr. Mom now). Thankfully, Will’s grandma (also known as my wonderful and gracious mother) has been helping me out with Will on the days Amy is back at the hospital as an operating room nurse.

Amy’s still breast feeding the little dude (well, he’s not even fourth months old yet), so my Mom and I give him a bottle at least twice during the day while Amy is at work. But usually, we have to be strategic in how we time the second bottle so that Amy can feed him as soon as she gets home from work. Will is three and a half months old now, so distracting him is getting a lot easier. It’s almost becoming an art form on how to effectively distract the little guy.

Yesterday, Mom went downstairs to call in an order for takeout dinner while we waited for Amy to arrive home on an especially snowy and icy evening. She left me alone with Will who was swinging in his handy dandy baby swing while I was working in my office. Suddenly, and expectantly, he began to lose it, whining and crying. It was time for him to eat again, but we knew Amy would be home any moment and would want to feed him… for both of their sakes. He was just about entirely inconsolable. I tried a rattle which totally distracted him (if not completely startled him!) as well as one of his new favorite toys, a Sing-A-Ma-Jig. Now, these Sing-A-Ma-Jigs are absolutely freaky looking and they make borderline irritating noises. But while most noise-making baby toys are REALLY redundant and monotonous, the Sing-A-Ma-Jigs puts the noise-making control into the palm of the parents’ hands. For example, there are three modes on this little guy — two are nonsensical noises while the third is “Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone” (the chorus and a verse). You squeeze a big button that is hidden under its fur on its tummy for it to sound out each word, and you can control how long they sing the word or how short. As it sings or makes sounds, the little creature’s mouth opens, revealing 2 teeth. It’s pretty fun to change the way it sings or presents sounds, but it’s truly a freaky little thing. (Note: He’s too young to play with it himself, but those little teeth in its mouth are pretty hard, and I can imagine that a child could hurt themselves if they close their finger in the Sing-A-Ma-Jig’s mouth)

This worked for awhile, until Will decided it just wasn’t going to cut it. I was about to totally give up and leave him to a crying fit until Amy got home in a few minutes, but as I turned away, I grabbed a song-playing Baby Einstein toy that blinks dance-party-like colors while playing classical tunes and stuck it right in his face. He immediately stopped crying and stared, entranced by the lights. SCORE! So I just kept the music playing and the lights blinking until Amy arrived home. When she walked in, she found me playing games on my iPod Touch while listening to Audio Adrenaline with earbuds in, as Will stared at this music box right in front of his face. Success.

Basically, I highly recommend both baby products. 🙂

[Now, today I got my new safety ear protection “earmuffs” (or as I like to call “Babymuffs”) in the mail. Since his SCREAMS literally cause my ears physical pain (which just irritates me), I’ve decided ear protection is the way to go to keep me from becoming entirely useless. I’ll let you know how that test goes… 😉 ]