Learning To Walk

It’s been several weeks since I last wrote about our adventures in parenting, but it’s really been just several weeks of a waiting game: when will the little beastie learn to walk?

While we wait for Will to take the leap of faith, so to speak, it’s still pretty amusing to watch him shimmy his way around objects while holding on to walls, corners, rails, and the like. He does enjoy being held by the hand and walked around the room, but he hasn’t mustered up enough courage to really step out on his own.

In some ways, I guess adults are still learning to walk on our own — still learning to take little leaps of faith and trust that God will be there to catch us if we trip up and fall. No matter how many times we try to encourage our little 14.5 month old to take steps in our direction without holding on to something, he has yet to make the jump… and I think that’s a problem that still dogs me to this day as an adult believer.

I guess, in the end, Will’s dad needs to learn to walk just as badly as he does.🙂

Amy beaming as Will stands on his own for just a moment before sitting down… successfully distracted by some VeggieTales on screen.

Don't Act Hastily

If you are facing a decision of some sort right now, I have a word from the Lord for you today. It’s Psalm 106:13 (NKJV), which says: “Whoever believes will not act hastily.” In other words, when our trust is truly in God, the way it’s supposed to be, we will not make a move without seeking His direction, wisdom, and help. We will take the time to pause, to get still in our hearts and minds, and to seek the Lord through focused prayer and Scripture reading. A trusting soul will believe that God really does know best, and that He always wants what is best for us.

Sometimes when we’re facing circumstances that trouble us, we can be tempted to take matters into our own hands, instead of waiting on God and following the leadership of His Spirit. This strategy can actually make matters worse, and can even create a new set of problems that will leave us with feelings of regret in the long run.

The truth is that it can be downright dangerous for us to try to hurry up God’s plans for us, or to try to make something happen that is out of His perfect will or timing. Responding to situations like this only proves that we believe that we know better than God what is best for us.

You can’t even begin to imagine what the Lord has planned for you, if you’ll only refuse to act hastily today. Let this promise from His Word sustain and encourage you: “For from of old no one has heard nor perceived by the ear, nor has the eye seen a God besides You, Who works and shows Himself active on behalf of him who [earnestly] waits for Him.” (Isaiah 64:4 AMP)

Ask God for Something Tangible

When we are in a difficult place, and we are seeking the Lord, sometimes it helps to ask Him to answer our prayer in the form of something tangible. Remember the story of good King Hezekiah and the illness that threatened his life? God had Isaiah the prophet tell His servant the king that he should get his house in order, because he was about to die. Instead of resigning himself to his fate, Hezekiah turned to the Lord for help. As a result, God provided a poultice of figs which ministered healing and restoration to the king. (2 Kings 20:1-7)

The Lord could have easily healed Hezekiah without a poultice or any other remedy, but instead, He used this manner to bring about His servant’s recovery. I’ve discovered that when I need healing myself, or I have a problem with no apparent solution, I can ask the Lord for a “fig poultice” of my own, and He will often provide one for me. Receiving something tangible from the Lord when I am confused and hurting can encourage my heart and my faith.

After Hezekiah’s recovery, he didn’t go around telling people that he was healed by a fig poultice–He gave God the credit and the glory. But that poultice bolstered his faith in a way that helped him to see the Lord’s love and concern for him. Perhaps today, you are in a painful place, and you need a touch from God. I encourage you to turn to Him today and say, “Lord, please give me a fig poultice of my own…”

A God who Goes to Great Lengths

It never ceases to amaze me how God will go to great lengths to give us the desires of our hearts. I can still remember when, years ago, our pet guinea pig, Daisy, died suddenly. I took her death so hard that I announced to my family that we were not going to have any more pets. Even though my son, John, often pleaded with me to change my mind, I refused to budge.

Then one Spring, a mother mallard duck made her nest right outside our back door. Before too long, she abandoned her nest, and my husband, Joe, suggested that we try to hatch the eggs ourselves. I had my doubts about the plan, but because my husband and boys were so excited about the idea, I agreed. A few weeks later, two baby ducklings hatched out, and we named them Samson and Lazarus.

The joy that these little creatures brought to our entire family was undeniable, and I began to suspect that my son, John, was behind it all. I asked him one day, “Were you praying all this time for God to bless us with some new pets?” He sheepishly nodded his head, and I laughed at how the Lord had gone to such amazing lengths to give my son the desires of his heart.

If God can cause a mother duck to make her nest on someone’s back porch, just to answer the prayers of a youngster with childlike faith, imagine what He is willing to do in your life, if you will call upon Him with the same attitude. God’s Word promises, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4 NIV) What’s holding you back from asking the Lord to work a miracle on your behalf today?